Friday, June 19, 2015

Flag football prodigies

Jason LOVES football.  He was over the moon when both boys wanted to play this year.  There is a Saturday only league that was right up our ally having 3 kiddos!  So we signed them up for the i9 flag football league.  The first hour is practice and the second hour is the game.  Their coaches were great and they both learned a lot and gained a TON on confidence!  
This little cutie made for some great arm candy while the boys played.  It was tough to hang out all morning and skip first nap but she pushed through and yelled for them every week.

Those 4-5-6 year olds were the cutest thing to see running down the field!  It was great to see them develop the game skills!

You haven't seen a kid as proud as Lincoln was of his trophy and his medal.  He LOVED it!  They awarded a medal for the teamate who worked hardest each game and both boys got one at some point.  

Jackson REALLY got into the 3rd game.  It was really muddy from all the rain but he got in there and was pulling flags like a BOSS!  He got the medal that week for Hustle!!  

We all enjoyed the football season and will probably do that sport again in the fall!  It was great to be done though, it was getting REALLY hot!!

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