Sunday, June 21, 2015

MAY I have your attention please!

May has come and gone.  We had lots of fun.  It was the month before the boys were out of school for the summer.  We met a friend for our first carousel ride.  She was unsure about the moving horse.  She was pretty sure the horses name was Lucy, just like our dog, because it too had 4 legs!  All animals are "Lucy" to her.  She would go from loving it to unsure then back again.  We rode it twice and she remained that way the whole time.  Looks like we'll need some practice, which is FINE with me.  Mama loves a carousel!  It reminded me of a time LONG before Jason and I were married.  We took his younger sister to the Galleria and were eating in the food court.  Jason handed me enough money for both his sister AND I to ride the carousel.  I told him then and there that was one of the reasons I was going to marry him!

Lillian has a real thing about feeding people, particularly Jason she likes to feed.  So we were having zuchinni noodles and he was trying to get her to eat them but instead she insisted on feeding them to him, with her hand!  And being the pushover for her that he is, he totally ate it!  She would pretend to eat a bite herself then continue to feed it to him.  Just today, she fed me, Jackson and Jason all some of her watermelon.  She's very generous, especially when it's something she doesn't care to eat!

Daddy came and spent a week with us.  The boys had school several days while he was here but one of them we decided to check them out and head down to Kemah.  I had been when we were house hunting here in Houston but the boys hadn't been at all.  I knew they would love it.  

The rides were pretty fun and some of the bigger rides Jackson had ridden.  I got him on the 120 foot drop ride, once.  He wouldn't go back on it though.  I also rode the HUGE wooden roller coaster with him and it nearly beat my brains out.  I wouldn't ride that one again.  His favorite was the rocking pirate ship and he rode it multiple times, once all by himself on a private ride!  

Little Miss Rainbow Sunshine had a great time in Kemah too!  She has a good time everywhere she goes!  

We played peek-a-boo waiting for them to finish a ride.

And we took and obligatory selfie while we waited.

Lillian is getting plenty of wear out of the heirloom dresses my mother made for Tracie and I.  This one has a sweet scallop hem that amazes me!  I love these dresses and couldn't be happier Lillian is getting to wear them.  Timeless beauty!

This girl is FANCY!  Every day she wakes up, grabs her shopping cart and her jewelry.  She knows whats important.  If you leave your cell phone lying around she'll grab it too!  I just don't know where on earth she gets it from!!

She watched her brother a time or two and knew just what to do with these two things!  Gosh, don't they learn early!  

My baby and her baby!  She LOVES her new baby doll.  It sleeps in her bed every night!

May I have your attention please:  
We have a walker!
Lillian has been toying with the idea since her birthday but it wasn't yet her time to shine. 
Well, the time is NOW!  She decided she'd take a few steps and hasn't stopped since!  She took off!  Now she can go anywhere she wants!  
Oh, the places she will go!!

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