Friday, December 11, 2015

Catching up

I just hate being behind.  Late is cool but behind is almost like never showing up!  And being behind makes you procrastinate more in anticipation of what's looming over you.  It's a vicious cycle and its causing me to loose that blogging feeling.  So I decided to use the handy, iphone app to upload photos, drop the editing and as Nike says, JUST DO IT!    Here's at least 2 months worth of happenings and here's to being "caught up" soon.

This was my outfit.  Well, likely this one was Tracie's actually but it's one I can actually remember wearing.  It seems so odd for the girls to be wearing things that I can remember myself and my sister wearing so long ago!

Jason scored box seats!  Well, they were from Exxon and we sat in the Exxon Mobil box with his co-workers but it was cool!  We got food, drinks and best yet Ice Cream from the cart!  The kids loved it and would go back and forth from the peanuts to the game.  Then the ice cream cart came around and they ate their hearts out in ice cream from a plastic baseball hat!  

My little dress up doll.  We seriously play dress up EVERY day!  I knew it would be fun dressing a girl.  I'm not even sure I knew how much.  These are a few of our daily photo shoots.  

Serving Saturday!  We participated in serving Saturday at our church The Woodlands United Methodist Church.  We helped the food pantry disperse meals to people who needed them.  They drove through the line and picked up packages of food that we handed out.  First we organized crates of canned goods, then the boys picked the best job of all in choosing and giving away the cakes, pies and donuts that were to be delivered.  They loved taking the baked goods to each car and would argue over who would get to do the next one.  What's a service project without a little brotherly scuffle?

I'm thankful they were willing to help others and that we had the opportunity to serve others as Jesus did.  I hope it plants a seed of desire to always help others.

So we went to the Alamo.  We didn't start out going to the Alamo, we started on our way to Sea World but as I google mapped it, google told me that it would be closed when I arrived because they open later on Sunday's.  Since we were already on the road, we had to come up with a plan B.  It was the Alamo.  Jackson had been studying it in school and it wasn't that far off our route so we paid the $20 parking in downtown San Antonio and went inside.  As you can see, Lillian was thrilled to be going to the Alamo!

I loved reading all the walls and information but most of my crew didn't have time for that!  They were on the move.  We only had about an hour anyway but it was long enough for us.  Lillian did love the Koi fish in the moat around the Alamo.  We might have fed them stray cheerios to make them come up to us.  

Just look at these pricks!

I LOVE this photo!  My dad comes to visit us fairly often.  We planned this trip so he could join us and you can see why!  My boys adore him and the feeling is mutual.  They think he's the bees knees.  He is pretty awesome and the best PawPaw in the land!

We got very few photos from our Sea World trip.  We were too busy trying to fit it all in to make photos.  They boys don't stop for photos well either.  Sometimes you choose your battles.  I lost this one.  I decided to let the boys do this river rapids ride.  Well, i am SOoooooooooooooooooo glad I did.  They came back soaked. To the bone.  I do not like getting soaked rides and I would have been a whiney momma if I had been as wet as they were.  

Jason and I even had a chance to ride a super fun coaster a time or two by ourselves.  Our oldest chickened out and the others were too young.  We loved it!  Back to our younger years!

This girl is BUSY!  She is a bow and necklace wearing, baby toting, stroller/cart pushing, minnie-loving fashion diva!  And she can do all that while singing a great rendition of "Let It Go!"

But life as a diva isn't all Olaf and roses...oh no.  There are also days that girls just need to cry.  So they do.  And their mom makes pictures of them doing it because it's still darn cute!

I'm teaching it early.  On sunday mornings, I usually do a fair amount of meal prep for the week.  I try to have healthy food available so I don't eat out too often.  I pulled up a chair and let this girl help me!  Never too early to start learning good habits!

Brother Lincoln was giving some pretty serious golfing lessons one afternoon.

This happened.
The week before Halloween.  
In my defense, we left for the Disney Cruise on Nov. 6th and then a week later would be gone for Thanksgiving so I had limited time to perfect the tree before my personal deadline of Dec. 1.  Besides, it's beautiful and we just have longer to enjoy it.  No judgement!

This is Lillians fav friend Ollie!  He lives down the street and his mom and I swap babysitting a lot!  I tackled the grocery store with the both of them one day.  They were the cutest!  We tried all the samples and the kissed through the whole store.  She loves Ollie.  He must set a high bar because she calls all baby boys "Ollie" and all little girls are "Allie".  My niece is Allie, my friend has an Allie and Jack (lifelong friend of Jason's) has an Allie.

Oh boy!  She's getting close to two, can you tell?!?  She's discovered she can climb, she scales the stairs and recently I even caught her on the top bunk! 

She loves it outside and she chases those boys like she is 6!  She has a thing for hats, bows and necklaces.  Apparently this looked like a stylish hat!  We've got some conditioning to do in the style department but somehow she still makes it cute!

I don't have many photos of it but in September I joined Camp Gladiator.  It's a bootcamp class that replaces the gym for me.  I go at 5:15am, 3-4 days a week.  That's right, WAYYYYY before the sun comes up, I'm out in the elements getting my workout done!  I really love it and it's great motivation.  The personal trainer aspect is awesome as well!  

So my 1st grader is doing algebra.  Things I didn't even begin to grasp until I was in the 7th, yes 7th! grade.  He's bringing home balancing equations and 3 part problems.  It blows my mind sometimes.  Things like the "extend your thinking" problem below...

Little Lillian finally has enough hair to braid.  Not saying it would stay like this for long but it was monumental to have enough.  Well, in the back anyway.  In the front we are still struggling to conceal the mini-mullet she sporting until it gets a little fuller.  Nothing a bow or piggies can't fix for now though!

Jason knows me too well!  He got this on the birthday cake he got for me!  It was a great anniversary of my 29th birthday!

Lillian thoroughly enjoyed my cake.  So much so it made her a little crazy over the next few days.  Every time she saw it a fit would ensue.  We had to get rid of that crazy cake!

Prob my favorite thing of all on my birthday was this!  Best present ever!  I love rocking her to sleep and she rarely lets me do it anymore so I was happy she gave that gift to me!

She LOVES these brothers.  And they love her!  She wakes up asking for them first thing in the morning.  She follows them around all afternoon.  They are very good to her too!  They both take time with her and are always careful when she's around.  They are good good brothers!

Can we stop this blog for a second to talk about how cute this child is?  No, no not the one with pig tails, she's obviously cute and we talk about that plenty.  The other one this time.  He's so handsome it's hard to believe he's mine!  And how he loves that sister will just blow you away!

Jackson had been studying Texas history and had asked if we could go to the San Jacinto Monument sometime.  One Friday, the kids had a half day at school then that's what we did.  We loaded up the neighbor kids and headed down south to see this.  We also visited the battleship while we were there.  It was really cool to see under the belly of the ship where soldiers would have slept and eaten and lived during times at sea.  I think the boys liked the big guns on top the best!  

I'll just leave this right here. It was on the ship and I got a real kick out of it!

I've been brainwashed!  Along with everyone else in the state of Texas, I finally went to an A&M game!  Now I know why they have such a cult like following!  I totally took the bait.  I loved all the history and culture of the school and have all but signed up Jackson and Lincoln to attend as well!  We went to see Alabama play there and while Alabama won the game, A&M won my heart!  I loved watching the Corp band perform, it was mesmerizing.  I loved all the yells, the superstitions and all the memorials around the campus for different things.  I even loved their Collie mascot!  We had a great time at the game that day, the weather was perfect, the people were nice and the company wasn't half bad either!  

We won't consider this fully "caught up" but it's a good start in the right direction anyway!  

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