Sunday, January 1, 2017

Amy's Army

This is Amy.  You've never met a sweeter southern soul than hers.  I've know her basically all my life.  We grew up cousins, living nearby in the same small town.  We spent lots of holidays at extended family gatherings.  In all the years I've known her I've never heard her utter a harsh word.  She is always eloquent and graceful and someone to look up to.  Never more so than now.  

Amy is fighting a battle with stage 4 melanoma. She's walking bravely down an uncertain path and is constantly giving all the glory to her God.  She's had some ups and downs.  She is currently in a clinical trial group at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  It requires her to travel to Houston bi-weekly for a YEAR.  Living in Alabama, those trips to Houston are tough.  On one of her trips, we got the honor of meeting her for lunch!  Along with another cousin of them family who recently moved to Texas , we picked her up and took her on a lunch outing, for ice cream and to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities.  I had my little arm candy with me for the ride!  She was our entertainment for sure.  She steals the show.   She wore her superhero dress for Amy!  She flew around with her cape fighting the good fight just like Amy is!  

We had a wonderful visit and we vow to stand with her and fight alongside her in this journey to KICK the Cancer!  

We are Amy's Army!

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