Sunday, January 1, 2017

Miss Manners Tea Party

Just before we left Alabama for the summer, we had a chance to go to a princess tea party!  
Thinking it was all for the little girls we bought tickets and dressed the part.  It turns out, this tea party had a little something for everyone.  While grown up Disney princes and princesses roamed around the room, we were schooled by Miss Manners herself.  A graduate of finishing school she educated us on all the appropriate behaviors of a proper tea party!  Did you know that high tea simply refers to the height of the table you are having tea on?  Did you know that you should enter from the left side of your chair and only after the host is seated?  Stirring the tea should be done in a figure eight without clanking the sides of the glass.

Our Miss Marie was in attendance with us, along with Nana, Allie Gray and Tracie!

There was dancing and spinning and singing along!

We learned to wipe our mouths with the corner of our napkin.

And the proper way to hold your glass while sipping!

We had fun with friends, ate delicious finger foods and played the part of princess well.

It's tough to be a princess!

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