Wednesday, January 25, 2017

(un) Lucky number 7?!?

Some might say that having a outdoor birthday party during what was likely the worst thunderstorm Texas has seen recently followed by the FLOOD of 2016 wouldn't be considered very lucky.  
Not this guy!
And apparently not most of his friends either! 
I had the genius idea to host Lincoln's birthday party at a park after school.  He wanted to invite his WHOLE class and I know how hard it is to have a birthday party commitment EVERY weekend.  So on Thursday afternoon, all of his class was invited to the park for an ice cream party!  As the afternoon approached, the thunderstorms were forecasted to keep getting worse.  I had several worried mothers call me and ask if we still planned to party. With 3 gallons of ice cream and 200 water balloons, I had NO indoor backup plan.  (Nope!  Not my house!)  

We arrived despite the imminent weather and set up the ice cream.  As school let out, the weather did just as expected and got MUCH worse.  By the time most of the kids arrived, it was somewhat like a lightening show or as the new 7 year said, "It's fireworks!"

Ice Cream and all you can eat toppings was a big hit with the first grade sector!  Most of them got way more toppings than they could possibly consume but that's half the fun apparently!  

Nothing could possibly be more fun than whip cream.  There wasn't a drop of this leftover and I bet you'll never guess why!

There was a small, and I do mean SMALL break in the lightening and we let the kids have at the 200 water balloons that I had pre-filled.  I envisioned them picking them up and tossing them a few at a time but Noooooooo, I said Go and within 30 seconds every single balloon was smashed into a shred of latex on the ground.  I guess it was a really fun 30 seconds!

By the time we finished up, the rain had started and I do mean STARTED!  It didn't stop for the next 3 days.  The days that followed led to severe flooding in our area and areas beyond ours as well!  It was intense and they even missed a day of school because of it! 

But apparently it was "the best party EVER!" as quoted just this week by Lincoln as we visited that park again and he reminisced of his Lucky Birthday!

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