Sunday, January 1, 2017

Closet Friends are the BST!

On our way back from our Alabama summer vacation, we stopped overnight in Arkansas to break up the trip and to visit some sweet friends!  
Rachael is my "closet friend".  No, that doesn't mean we keep our friendship a secret.  We met in a world of little girls clothing "closets".  We buy our girls the same dresses (see above) and our love for all boutique clothing has led to a friendship that goes well beyond clothes!  The girls are close in age and we share milestones, wins and failures, and advice of all kinds.  We talk mostly online but occasionally text too.  It's the best kind of friendship with low expectations of the other because we know how busy life with a family can be.  We talk about family stuff, keep secrets and sometimes get lucky enough to share a drink or two!  

It was a perfectly HOT couple of days in Arkansas!  The boys all had fun too.  

We couldn't let the opportunity to dress the girls up pass us by!  I had fun trying some of Emme's prettiest dresses on Lillian!  Some of them I never thought I'd have a chance to try on her!  

I just love this little red jewel!  Their house sits on an oxbow lake and there are Indian Mounds you can see from the back yard.  The boys were quite intrigued by them!

These two were as fast friends as their mommies!  I can't wait to watch them play more together in the future!

When we said goodbye in August, I wasn't aware that I'd be seeing her again in less than 6 months.  On the morning my grandfather passed away, i texted her and asked what she was doing later.  She joked "Why, you coming to Arkansas?"  Actually, I was.  I stopped overnight coming and going to the funeral in Alabama so I didn't have to make the whole drive in one day.  She dropped everything she had going on and made sure we had a bed to sleep in as we traveled!  I was so grateful for the hospitality both times!  That's a good friend!

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