Friday, April 23, 2010

Things that have changed around here

1. I spend ALOT less time on the computer (so not nearly as much time for blogging)

2. I do not stay up nearly as late. (hence see #1)

3. I have twice as much laundry. (how can one adult add twice as much?)

4. We spend ALOT more money. I thought I was bad but when you put us together Ay-ay-ay.

5. I no longer need to exercise. (Ok, I have ran a FEW times since he's been home but not the amount I swore to when I wanted him home.)

6. I get up at 7am or earlier everyday of the week. (oh, wait, that hasn't changed, has it??)

7. I have a few times gotten up to coffee in bed OR coffee that I didn't have to make!

8. Trash? What the heck is that? I just put it in the can and it somehow disappears!

9. We have fast food! Before his return, I could count on one hand the times I had been to the 3 fast food joints that opened next door. You know, you never actually eat there when you have them next door. This week, I can't count on one hand the times he's driven over to pick up something and sure, I had a little too. Now, I must go, there are McD's pancakes to eat for what might or might not be the second time this week!

10. There is a boat in the back yard, the yard is pretty again and the garage is offically a place to hang out. (and possibly get away from pesky children, per Jason)

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