Saturday, May 1, 2010

Play ball....or pick dandylions

Jackson is finally old enough to play T-ball. This was his first offical game. We missed the first one because it was well, only the most important day of the whole year(the day daddy came home). He looked cute in his uniform and his first hit was a solid base hit.
He ran to first without hesitation. He even knew to toss the bat.
He took second like a champ! But then there lies the problem. On second base, apparently, there was another little boy, on the other team that he found to conversate with. They were having a nice little chat about um, I don't know, monkey joes, snacks afterward or all the dandylions they could be picking in the outfield. As they continued the conversation, the guy now on first approached second base and there Jackson stood. Now, they were sharing the base which isn't legal even in T-ball! So with alot of encouraging, Jackson snapped out of it and ran to third base.
There he found someone new to talk to. His coach. She was inside the coaches box and he wanted to know what the chalk was for on the ground marking the field. Leave it to MY son to find an adult to talk to even in the middle of his T-ball game.
Now, he's ready to take home plate!
I was too far away to get any pics of the outfielders. I was also too busy yelling at Jackson to GET UP! and PAY ATTENTION! Yeah, yeah, I know, it's T-ball. I know they are just learning. But, Jackson and the players around him seem to find picking dandylions in the outfield or twirling like ballerinas much more interesting than fielding the ball. That pesky glove is SUCH a bother when you are trying to help out the grounds keeper with weed control. Either way, they are adorable, all running around, in the wrong directions, to the wrong bases/dugouts. We'll work on the fielding, maybe next year we'll have a first baseman. For now, we have a little slugger!

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