Friday, November 12, 2010

It ain't easy...

Making Christmas card photos has always been a part of my November. My mom was making Christmas card photos of us back in the early 80's before photo cards were even cool. I will never forget some of the dreaded Christmas card photo shoots. Some were at the mall in front of tons of people, others in cold outdoor locations or best ever was us posing in our pajamas and being forced to be nice to my younger sister. Well, I'm carrying on the time honored holiday tradition by torturing my boys with uncomfortable photos in public places with the promises of candy, playgrounds and ice cream. Believe me, you do whatever it takes when the perfect photo is at stake. Yes, I know I'm lucky enough to have a MOM for a photographer and that she travels 700 miles to help me with this endeavor. Even with the help of mom, and my dad, it's still an enormous undertaking to get just ONE good picture of the boys, together, with smiles on their faces. So, just know, these seemingly fabulous photos certainly come at a price. And for the full effect, I'll show you what MOST of the photos look like and then a few of the better ones we were lucky enough to get.

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