Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful by the week-2

Did I mention I think I'm too lazy to blog every day about being thankful? I can conquer thankful by the week though (I hope).


8-I'm thankful for my hubby. He works hard, long hours. He always takes good care of us and makes wise financial choices. He is always willing to help me with the boys and is the greatest father to them. I'm thankful he wants to eat lunch with me(like today!) from work and thankful I'm available to eat with him.

9-I'm thankful for good insurance (for now). I can hardly believe I'm saying this. I've rarely had good things to say about TRICARE. They can be a REAL pain sometimes but when they come through, it's fabulous and I've never paid a DIME for medical care issues. So I guess I'm saying it's worth the headache. This week I had a dermatology "check-up" because I'd never had one and I was seamlessly referred and seen by a dermatologist free of charge. Now, the ordeal was that I had to dress in fancy paper drapes and clothing while chasing Lincoln around an exam room. I should have taken friends advice and took it all off and laid it on the floor for him to color on. It would have served a better purpose.

10-Maybe one of the things I'm MOST thankful for, My Parents. They flew in tonight to see us and the boys, ok, just the boys. Either way, they hardly let a month go by without seeing them and I'm thankful that they have made such a big impression in their lives. Even 700 miles away, my kids know them and love them. Almost as much as I do!

11-It wouldn't be right if I wasn't thankful for my veteran and all the veterans past and present who have fought to make this country free and great. This is a special day for us because we have walked in those shoes and personally know those who have paid the ultimate price for this freedom we have. I'm especially thankful for 3 safe returns from a war zone and continually pray for the safety of the friends we have still there. God Bless America!

12-I'm thankful my mom is a photographer. Do you know the copious amounts of money Jason would be out if I didn't have this little luxury? I LOVE photographs. I like BIG canvas photos all over my walls. I like to have a picture of my kids in nearly every outfit they own. Christmas is coming. I need Christmas cards. Mom came to the rescue and we painfully made photos of the boys. You can read all about it here . So thanks to mom's photographer eye and my mad photoshop skills, we have a few (like 4) photos to choose from for the highly anticipated Christmas Card.

13-I'm thankful for 4 day weekends. We will soon be leaving the military and all the woes it's responsible for but there are a FEW things I will miss about this life. Truth be known, there are MANY things that I will miss but that's another thought. These 4 day weekends don't come as often in the civilian world and I'm thankful we have them together.

14-I'm thankful for a night away! My birthday is soon and we took mom and dad up on some babysitting to spend the night in Raleigh. Jason found us some friends to hang with and a GREAT little sushi place in downtown Raleigh. We then went to The Oxford for drinks and dessert. I had a fabulous chocolate chip cookie dough tiramisu. We sat around for several hours watching college students and reminiscing of our younger days. It was fun, for a night but I that we're passed that phase!

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