Monday, November 8, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

This morning, we went on a walk with our good friends Mari and her Caroline, Anabelle and baby Grace. Monday morning walks are always exciting because we might get a glimpse of the trash truck. There's always the chance in a military town of discovering some sort of treasure in the trash. I guess things are more disposable when you move every 3 years. Today we happened upon some great storage containers in perfect condition, some odd cups/silverware and a large piece of styrofoam. To the kids, you might have thought Santa came. For nearly an hour those odd treasures kept them busy in the driveway. We have moving plans for the storage containers but the kids treasures luckily made it to our trash right before the trucks came by. That's reusing, right? I'm thankful for Mari, the only friend that wouldn't give a second thought to recycling someone's trash with me! I'm going to miss her when CA calls her home.

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