Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful by the week-1

So I've wanted to join the "thankful" bandwagon for a few days now but it's either busy or lazy or possibly both that have prevented me from it. This morning I had a revalation. I'm more of a once a week blogger so I could blog ALL my thankfulness into a weekly blog. It counts right? I just hope I can keep it up throughout the month. I found it easier and more intresting to do it by the day of the month so I'll start with the 1st of November.

1-I'm MAJORLY thankful that today my husband was promoted to MAJ in the Army. To most this means bigger jobs and more responsibility but for us it mainly means a temporary pay raise before we get out, which is much needed AND appreciated!

2-I'm thankful for sushi. Trivial, yes, but I really love it and I love to find friends to enjoy it with. I used to HATE seafood and HATE sushi. I was totally missing out and I'm happy to have had Jason push it on me until I now love it more than even he does.

3-I'm thankful for Christian friends to talk and have fun with. My MOPS moms, who help me parent in a more Godly way and share all their mothering secrets.

4-I'm thankful for hourly care on post. I had a dentist appointment to get a cavity filled and I knew I'd feel like crap when it was over. Not only was it a miserably rainy day but I was also miserable with a numb mouth and I didn't have to deal with a miserable baby with a cold for a whole 5 hours. And at 4.00 an hour, I know it's a steal for us both!
BONUS: I'm thankful for internet on my phone. I depend (sometimes a little too much) on internet access, I google things, I cook dinner, I get world news thorough Facebook of course! Well, my dinosaur modem went out and I had to get a new one. At least I had my phone to keep up with all the most important celebrity gossip and facebook happenings. I wouldn't want to miss what all my friends are having for dinner!

5-I'm thankful for FREE medical care. As much as I sometimes complain about the Tricare insurance, I'm so thankful that when I have a kid coughing all night and wheezing in his sleep and I decide to take him in to have something done only to discover there is NOTHING they can do for him, at least it didn't cost me $30 or MORE for them to say that. I walk out and the only thing it cost me was a little time.

6-I'm thankful for my dedicated running partner Jen and the sheer ability to run. We ran an 8 mile on saturday in about 78 minutes in preparation for our 10 mile trail run comming up. Jen and I have been running off and on for about 4 years now. As of late, we get up in the 5 o'clock hour and run anywhere from 4 to 8 miles and it's a fabulous way to start my day. Me time, adult conversation and miles behind us.

7-I'm thankful for Target. I know, they don't always have the best reputation for a chain store but they always come through when I need to waste a few hours and usually I come out with something useful to add to my wardrobe. Many a pair of "depoyment shoes" have been purchased at Target. I think this is called retail therapy. Try it, it works!

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