Thursday, August 30, 2012

Babies, bathrooms and Football, Oh My! {10 on Thursday!}

Better late than never, as usual!

It's been a busy week full of everyday normal stuff with a few minutes of hilarious thrown in to make it fun!

1.  I had lunch last week with a girl from Jason's school at a place called Silly Goose.  It's in East Nashville which is not traditionally somewhere you'd want to find yourself but the community is working hard to change the atmosphere there.  It's still a little sketchy for parking but the food venues are REALLY good.It boasted fresh baked breads, smoked turkey, goat cheese and avocado.  That's my language!  I had possibly the best(and only) basil lemonade I've ever tasted!

2.  The day has come for me to (temporarily) say goodbye to weekends with my husband.  No, it's not because he's going to be working or out of town.  Tonight, I become a "football widow."  I know many a coaches wives have already said their goodbyes but tonight is the beginning of the 2012 football season and with it I will mourn the loss of Jason every Thursday-Sunday while he babysits the couch and television.  The only acceptable interludes are frequent visitis to the fridge and restroom.  He's pretty passionate about it so I'll allow it.  Besides, I'm just grateful he doesn't follow it with "hunting season!" Right, Mari?

3.  On that note, I'm taking both children to the Vandy Owen MBA tailgate today for the Vandy/ South Carolina game tonight.  Sure, it's a school night but how many chances do you get to go to a real college tailgate in first grade? I imagine we'll be seeing our fair share of "littering parties!" Now, wish me luck as I drag two kids across campus for the headliner of Football 2012 being broadcast on ESPN as football kickoff.  This is all happening at the same time as the NFL Titans game tonight.  Warning, Nashville is sure to be CHAOS!

4.  Next weekend I'm leaving the family behind and going on my first ever girl trip!!  I'm pretty excited about it.  There are 10, yes ten of us flying from Nashville to Chicago to spend 48 hours without kids!  Our plan?  Shopping, eating and more shopping with a little bit of eating and maybe a drink or two.  Adventures in Chicago.  It may be the next "bridesmaids" movie.  Probably not though.

5.  With my sister and several friends having babies, I confess I think about babies far more than Jason would like me to admit.  I have known for a long time that I want one more.  I've just got to keep convincing him.  Oh, and him having a job would be nice after school too. (in the works!)

6.  I had a parent moment of realization recently.  Actually it was Jason who got to experience this proud moment as he accompanied our 6 year old to the truck stop bathroom.  He walked out and told me, "well, Jackson can now read the graffiti on the bathroom walls."  Lucky (or not?) this time it merely said "kill yourself".  I GUESS that's better than the expletives he could have sounded out while standing at the john. Oh, the infinite knowledge of the bathroom stalls.

7.  On a recent road trip, I had packed snacks for the boys (I'm SO my mother!).  I was handing out combos to the kids by the handfulls.  Lincoln announced he wanted more "bones."  Confused I asked him what bones were and he said, "You know those bones like you gave us and we give Roxy."
Well, come to think of it, the combos DO look exactly like the treats we regularly feed Roxy.  Poor kid thinks I'm feeding him dog treats but he liked them enough to ask for more!

8.  Just this morning at the neighborhood bus stop, I was instructing Jackson on tucking his shirt in when I look over and see a cute, blonde 3 year old with his pants around his ankles readying himself to water the grass.  I run over and jerk his pants up while explaining the faux pas of public urination.  Nevertheless, it was noticed by every parent at the bus stop and we embarrassingly made our way home to use the indoor plumbing we so thankfully have.

9.  If ever more than a few minutes go by and I can't hear Lincoln, I can put money on the fact he's up to no good.  Yesterday, I called and called him.  I went upstairs and yelled for him.  He came running out of the bathroom and said "I was just going potty!" Sounding suspicious, I walked toward the bathroom and he said, "You don't need to go in there, you go back downstairs."  That, my son, is a dead giveaway that I DO in fact need to go in there.  Looking around, I find a giant wad of gum in the garbage that had been recently disposed of.  Someone was hiding in the bathroom to eat gum and then spit it out as to not get caught.  Soon, he'll realize I'm smarter then him or at least learn how to not get caught.

On another occasion I was looking for Lincoln and he comes out of the bathroom and I ask,
"What were you doing in there?"
He tells me "I was just smellin."
"Smelling what?"
"The cat thing, you know, the cat thing?"
"You mean the litter box?  Why, Lincoln?"
"I dunno, it just stink so I smellin it."

Gross.  Kids.

10.  I recently read this article about raising boys.  I found it funny and oh so true in so many cases.  I feel like I have very typical boys.  Here's hoping they grow up to be respectable Men on day!  It's worth a read, and there's a girl version but I wouldn't know anything about that...yet. (here's hoping!)

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