Monday, August 13, 2012

One down, one to go!

We have a first grader in the house!

How many grades are there, mama?

Well, there are 12 in school then 4 more in college.  You can decide after that.

So there are 16 grades and I'm just in the 1st?

Yes son, don't rush it.

He's a proficient reader, he LOVES math and he's already dissected sheep eyes, made crystals and learned the history of several presidents.  I'd say he's ready for at least 7th grade.

Jackson started 1st grade at Harpeth Valley Elementary on August 1.  He started earlier than most schools around because they are beginning a modified year round schedule that will give him a few more breaks in the school year.  We are totally ok with it.  We have been SUPER happy with his school.  It was a very researched decision to live in this school district and I feel like it has been validated dividends!  He has learned so much and all the teachers seem wonderful.  His teacher this year is young.  She's a cute little athlete that just started last year.  Jackson has had  the best of both since last year his teacher retired after his class!  She was wonderful too and he still misses her!

He walked into class without hesitation and got right to work.  He claimed when he got home that the teacher asked him how he felt about the 1st day and he said he was "a little shy and nervous".  I'd say he's also a follower and heard someone else say that.  He's never been shy a day in his life.

He gets pretty serious about the snack he chooses each day and riding the bus.  He LOVES that bus and begs to ride it every day.  I can't complain, I love the bus too.  She delivers my son every single day and I never even have to leave the neighborhood!  Car rider lines are for the BIRDS!

We stared this first day of school photo and I made him promise he'd do it through high school.  We'll see if he follows through.  Next year, he'll be taking this photo at a different school.

 Most likely in a different state.  Probably Texas.

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