Saturday, August 18, 2012

He's Baaaaack!!!

It was 3 constant weeks of  "How many days till Dad comes home?"  

It became, "How many hours now?"

It ended with them waiting by the stop sign on the road until they saw his truck.  There were squeals of joy as they jumped into his arms and held on!
Even Roxy was pretty glad to see him. 

Since he's been home, they have been his shadow every waking second.  They talk to him non-stop.  Seriously, I asked him once, "When am I going to get a chance to talk to you?"
Lincoln's first statement was "I didn't miss you while you were gone but now I miss you!"  (yes, apparently he's got it backwards!  Then he said, "When I grow up, I'm going to grow a beard just like you!"

They've played ball, frisbee, legos and of course had a few tickle/tackle fights.  It's been fun seeing them reconnect with him.

My favorite moment was him working in the yard and coming inside to eat dinner and taking his dirty shirt off.  I look up from preparing the meal and there are 3 boys without shirts on at the kitchen table.  They want to be just like him.  And I'd say that's a pretty good thing to be!!

Jason wasted no time and started back to school on Monday.  It was offically his LAST first day of school EVER!  We're pretty excited about this year in Nashville and the opportunities beyond.  I'm so proud of him for all the hard work he's put into this MBA program and the jobs it will provide.  He's a great husband, a great father and a wonderful provider!  We're lucky to have him and Happy to have him HOME!

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