Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Tuesday! Time for 10!

It always seems to creep up on me, the blog, Tuesday, the laundry.  Right now, I can only come up with 5 of the 10 things needed to fulfill the title.  It things get lame at the end, you'll know why.

1.  Jason comes home FRIDAY!  We are all pretty excited.  Not post deployment excited.  That's a whole other world of excitement.  But we can't wait to have him back here with us to help with baths, bedtime and discipline   I'm sure he'll be fun too!  His final presentation is tomorrow and after that, his final interview.  I know he'll do great and maybe this time next month, he'll have a job waiting for him!

2.  My sister's baby shower was this weekend.  It was filled with all kinds of pink and cuteness.  She's having a girl in October.  We are all so excited!  It's the first girl in this family in 30 years!  What are the chances I'll  be next?  *fingers crossed*

3.  Jackson and I recently watched Mirror, Mirror.  It was a cute movie and mimicked snow white but with a twist.  We especially loved the feisty seven dwarfs in the movie.  After that, we were somewhere in Nashville when we crossed paths with a little person.  Jackson innocently said "Look mom!  That man looks just like one of the seven Dorks!"  Yep, we had a politically correct talk right then and there.

4.  Jackson started school on Wednesday but he was off on Thursday so we had a fun day!  He chose to go to the Science Museum and since it's cool inside, I did too!  He LOVES that place.  It was kinda crowded but we managed to hit all the high points.  I got pretty annoyed at the end of the day as there were unmonitored children from a childcare facility that were doing things (climbing on things, over rails and into places) that they weren't supposed to do.  It was ruining the fun for all the other kids.  I used it as a lesson in "don't do wrong things, even if no one tells you no to."

5.  Yesterday Lincoln and I bought groceries and on the way home, I decided that I couldn't cook AND put the groceries away so we needed to go to the Mexican place.  It's just a place up the road and the kids LOVE it.  Mostly because they have a gumball machine and they bring their quarters to get gum if they eat well.  Lincoln immediately asked me for gumball monies and I got him out a quarter.  He handed it back to me and said it was NOT gumball money.  Well, I know a quarter when I see one and I was certain it was. After a few minutes of arguing with him, I said, take it or leave it here on the table, that's your gumball money.  He then proclaimed "It's NOT gumball money.  It doesn't have an eagle on it!"  Wow, stubborn kid.  It was a state quarter.  I got out all the quarters I had and we had a little lesson in currency right there in the Mexican cantina.  I had 2 state quarters and 2 eagle quarters.  He took the eagle quarter and said, "No this is gumball monies!"  And all was right in the world.

6.  Last week, my parents came for a little visit.  My dad lived here for 18 years and had never visited the Loveless Cafe.  It's an iconic place way out here in Bellevue.  A Nashville original, visited by all the celebrities.  Proof lines the walls of the old house as it is covered in signed celebrity photos.  But most come here for the biscuits and we were not different.  You can even watch the workers make the biscuits through a window in the wall here.  We had a fantastic meal of comfort food and came home stuffed.  I highly recommend the Loveless Cafe if you're in the Nashville area.

7.  One kid is easier than 2.  I quickly remembered how much easier it is to entertain one child and drag him around on errands with me.  When they are together, loudness and fighting ensue.  But one of them is usually an angel.  (as long as I fork over the gumball money)

8.  Crickets....(chirp, chirp).....

9.  Tonight we headed over to the Opry Mills mall for the free Lego build at the Lego store.  It was much more crowded than normal but after we all built a Lego shark, we headed to Chuy's to find out there was an hour and a half wait.  No way I'm waiting that long for Mexican food!  Food court for us.  On the way there, we stopped by the bathroom and as we're entering we see NOT one but TWO Elvis' walking out.  Jackson gasp, "Look mom!  2 Elvis's!"  Later we figured out that there was an Elvis tribute that evening and that explained the crowds and the table of 7 Elvis' including the Asian Elvis we saw at Johnny Rockets!

10.  You might be a mom of boys If...you get excited about the release of the new mini figures in the Lego collections. You might be a Christmas fanatic if you're over the moon about the prospect of one of them being Lego Santa Claus!!  Only 139 days till Christmas, ya'll!

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