Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life in the blink of an iphone

So much has happened since my last blog I've made and lost more than a few lists of things I wanted to write about.  As I flipped through the photos on my iphone I realized it chronicled my life pretty well.  Tell me again Mari, what did I ever do without this thing?  These may or may not be in chronological order.  Some have photos and some don't.  This is us doing life.

-Halloween happened.  We trick or treated in a neighborhood with a few (a ton) of our church friends.  We find kid things much more enjoyable when we all parent together!

Birthday Week:  Jamie-  I turned 33.  I took it upon myself to declare birthday week and made it everything I wanted it to be. Jason took me to the nicest restaurant I've ever dinned in to celebrate.   It was one of the better birthdays I've ever had!

Thanksgiving went down-We spent Thanksgiving with Jason's family and knowing this was our last year to be close by, we did it big!  This was on the menu for the smoker and it didn't disappoint.

Iron Bowl-well, it was NOT pretty but it went down in history anyway.  Auburn lost the iron bowl in a BIG way and I confess, I left in the 3rd quarter.  Either way it was fun and warm enough to wear my sparkly shirt and nothing makes me happier than sparkles!!

Birthday week:  Jason-He had FINALS on his birthday week. He turned 34 (always a year older than me!) I knew after all I had done for my birthday, I was obligated to also make his a big deal.  I think we did that!  On Monday we took the kids to the local bowling/laser tag/skating/game arcade place where it's $5 for all you can play!  We had Chick fil a for dinner too.  I also took Jason and several of his school friends a lunch of taco's and toppings during finals week.  We also went to our favorite Korean BBQ place which is a newly found love of mine also.  The Owen Annual Christmas Party was the night of Jason's birthday.  We had a great time with all of his friends there and got ONE blurry photo of us together.  .

Operation NFL-Jason and I are NOT NFL fans but he said something about us moving to TX and having to choose alliance with the Texans who just happened to be playing in TN one Sunday so we did what any heathens would do and skipped church to go to a sporting event.  It was fun but mostly because our friends were there, they had food and I have never been inside LP Field much less climbed to the VERY top of it.  The view was nice.  

Aunt Jamie x 2-  Jason's sister, Julanne, had a baby and made me an aunt again.  This is Julius!
 Beware of items in washer-  All of these things were collected in the washer in the SAME load.  Lincoln has an adorable tendency to fill his pockets with things, heavy things.  Many times I pick him up and discover flash lights, pad locks and misc keys in his pockets.  You just never know what you'll find.
 All I want for Christmas-Jackson officially lost those dreaded 2 front teeth this week, right in time for Christmas.   That's why I had our Christmas card photos made in October!
 It's peanut-butter jelly time!  Lincoln wanted to make his own peanut-butter jelly sandwich and I figured it's about time he make his own lunch.

Birthday week:  Jackson
He had a planned party (another blog) but after 2 straight weeks of birthday celebrating, we couldn't leave him out.  We visited sunnyside, a neighborhood in Nashville well known for it's light display.  It was impressive and the fact you can get out and walk up their driveway made it even better.  On the way home, Jackson was in charge of choosing our meal and lucky for us all we passed the hibachi place and he decided on it.  We all love the hibachi there but the show is what Jackson lives for.  The "butter-fly", the egg roll and the volcano are classic and he knows the steps before they do.  He's also a big fan of the flying shrimp toss although I don't know that he's succeeded.  One of the biggest reasons we went there wasn't the food but rather the fact that on your birthday you get a photo put on the wall.  The things you do when you are seven. He made sure he told everyone around that it was his birthday dinner.  That little stunt got him a "special cake" also.  Night made.

 Lincoln calls them the "mingos"!

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