Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This week, I gained a seven year old but I self processed lost the title of "mom".  I'm clearly too young to have a seven year old child wearing size 8 jeans so for now, we are on a "much older sister" relationship.  
No, not really but I did tell him I was far too young for a seven year old child and that's exactly how I feel.  Nonetheless, I did the math and the child turns 7 this week.  Poor kid always has a "close to Christmas" birthday and we try hard to make it special.  Jason and I had gone back and forth for weeks on what kind of party we would throw him.  We considered a swimming party at our YMCA which would be great fun but we are members there and most of our friends are as well which means we can swim anytime we want, for FREE.  I had pushed the party idea off on Jason's shoulders when I saw the trampoline park come up on Groupon.  I'm a believer in groupons anyway so when I ask a sleeping Jason if he thought this was the perfect plan for Jackson's party he said to book it immediately and that's what I did!  
There is no doubt that Jason was just as excited about the trampoline place as Jackson was.  I mean, there are trampolines on the walls and the floors.  It was hard to contain their excitement as the day approached.  I had the party planned but I still had a few details to fill.  I had asked around to find out what 7 year olds remember and find important about birthday parties.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the planning some folks put into birthdays.  I want it to be special and memorable but I don't want to waste tons of time doing things that only the parents will ever notice, if that.  The unanimous vote was cake and goody bags.  I'm glad I asked because in my opinion, goody bags would have been the first to go.  I did spring for one etsy purchase of a file of ninjago eyes in different sizes.  I used sticker paper to make them into stickers which I painstakingly cut every single one out!  They did turn out so cute though!  I went all out for some dollar store balloons and we had ourselves a party.  Mrs. Beth made the cake and did it to perfection AGAIN.  She's made nearly every single one of my children's birthday cakes and each one is more impressive than the next.  If feels good to show her a picture and know your cake is going to be better than that one somehow!  And to have it hand delivered by my dad (his pawpaw) was just the icing on the cake (pun intended)!
Those boys jumped and jumped.  Jason tried to hang but it wasn't easy.  I knew already I wasn't cut out for nonstop jumping for 2 hours.  Jackson was so excited to have all those boys from school to jump with him.  He never slowed down.  

It's still a little hard to believe he's 7 but I do know, I have the smartest, coolest, most caring 7 year old on the planet.  I'm happy God gave me a front row seat to see what he will accomplish in life because it's going to be good!

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