Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh, the places he will go!

He's Baaaack!  Criddle, as he was named a few years ago, began his magical month with us on Thanksgiving and was up to antics and mischief during his whole 30 days.  He began by dropping his book off at Granny Patti's house at Thanksgiving for us to read.  It's always a good reminder to hear the "rules" of the elf again.  The only rules are you can't touch him and he can't speak to you.  His job is reporting to Santa all of our good behavior and occasionally our bad.  He returns each morning to a new hiding place and it's our job to locate him!

He made new friends this year and visited with some of his old ones.  He's a friendly little guy!
He got his fill of sugar in our house.  The elf basic food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corns and sugar.

He was getting acquainted with our cowboy elf with the news of a move to Texas on our horizon.  Next year, he wanted to know just what Texas was going to be like.  Hot and humid was what he found out about Texas.  Oh and he also found he would be welcome to bring his guns, for protection of course.  He's not in the North Pole anymore.

His creativity ranged from Mickey Mouse to Ninja and a few places in between.  I'm sure glad he has a creative gene and isn't stuck on the same shelf year after year.  Kudos to him for always finding an interesting place to hang for the day!

He followed us to several cities and found himself in some sticky situations but always found his way out and managed to get a laugh from the boys he loves!

On the morning of Jackson's birthday, he formed a fantastic zip line through the house with a banner that ready "Happy Birthday Jackson" and even left a note suggesting we go the waffle house for his birthday breakfast!  I'm not a waffle house fan but Jackson is so he knows his style!

When it was almost time for him to say goodbye, he set up our nativity to remind us that he's a whole lot of fun but the real reason for the season was the sweet Christ Child born on Christmas night to save us from our sins.  Even a silly elf knows how important this holiday really is!
Until next year Criddle, Merry Christmas!

If you are interested in seeing where Criddle has appeared in years past, these are the last few years we have had him visit us.  




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