Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Foolish Games

It was April Fools day and I hadn't come up with one reasonable prank yet.  The whole "I'm pregnant" thing isn't feasible right now because he KNOWS I want another and he might just believe me.  I think I'd be the one disappointed there.  I was cleaning up from breakfast and remembering Jackson asking me to go to lunch with him.  Wasn't the 2.5 weeks of Spring Break we just spent together enough time?!  Yes, then I kinda felt bad and considered making him lunch.  As I went to grab the lunch box, I spotted puppy food from when we first got Lucy.  It was just the flashing beacon I needed.  I grabbed it, bagged up some multi colored dog treats and grabbed a chewy bone and stuck it inside his lunch box.  I then made a "backup" lunch of Ham and chips.  
When we finished at the gym we raced over to the school to meet him before he got his lunch tray.  He was glad to see us and I insisted we wait for his friends to sit down with us.  He zipped open the bag and his mouth dropped open with it.  He proclaimed  "Mom!  This is DOG food!"  I faked surprise and said I must have packed Lucy's lunch for him and his lunch for Lucy.  How on earth was she going to drink his juice box with her paws?
As his friends are all cackling, he gives me that "Are you serious!?" look before reaching for my other bag which contained his real lunch.  
It was a good one and I had him going for a second.  Then wouldn't you guess in true first grade style, the rest of the lunch period, someone was trying to pull another April fools.  I had to apologize to his teacher after the lunch was over for what I had obviously started.  It was totally worth it to see his face and make his classmates think his mom is super cool!  I have been warned though,I'm in for it when he's old enough to pull legitimate pranks on his own.  

Then there's my mother.  Shes an 8th grade science teacher.  I insisted that she PLEASE pull this prank we had seen over the winter today.  It was perfect.  Vanilla Pudding looking like Mayo eaten right from the jar.  People are crazy about this.  Can you imagine a large mouthful of Mayo?

 Then this one was also clever.  Dog treats divided and replaced with dried fruit.  I wonder how long she had to stick her hand in and eat it before he students noticed she was eating out of dog treat container?  

I'm not a big trickster myself but I was quite proud of my hijinks this April fools!  

Happy Spring, Y'all.
  It was SLEETING today in Tennessee.

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