Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Freezing

I think old man winter was preparing us to say goodbye forever this year as he hung around far longer than normal and put quite a "chill" on our spring break trip to the beach this year.  When we move to Houston, we will virtually be living in perpetual summertime and I'm pretty sure I"m ok with it.   Someone please remind me of that when it's 109 in July there with 200% humidity.  My hair is going to be so disappointed in me!   Of course the mom in me packed for every occasion so we were prepared for the temps and don't you know it didn't stop the boys from manning the beach just as they had planned.  As you can see, we had one day of "swimsuit" weather and the others required some some of jacket to block the wind.  We had chosen this condo over some others for one reason.  Heated pools!  We just happened to be on the same deck as ours and it was quite convenient to walk onto the patio and into the pool and hot tub.  

Even on the one swimsuit day, we were prepared with our sunscreen.  Don't be deceived   Just because it says "kids" doesn't mean it's just for them.  I wear 50spf full coverage myself!  I'm not taking any chances on premature aging!  I like the way Wyatt put it best when referring to high noon: "It's happy hour for skin cancer out there right now!"  Exactly.  Pass the sunscreen please!

 It was my goal to eat fish everyday we were there.  We had brought all the vegtables you could consume so fish was the only thing missing on our grocery list!  This night, we grilled shrimp and wrapped some in bacon.   It would have only been better it we could have coated it in chocolate!  Um, nevermind, scratch that!

One chilly afternoon, Daddy took the boys down to the lake near us and they caught a bucket of baby turtles.  It brought back memories for me because when Tracie and I were small, he'd bring back baby turtles for us from the river!  The boys thought the turtles might like to have a race.  They lined them all up in a line and said go.  A few of them turned to go the other way so they got creative and made the race go in the opposite direction.  They love their baby cousin, Allie Gray!
Wouldn't you know Nana brought them some educational toys to play with.  Once a school teacher, always a school teacher!

The next day we went to visit Alys beach.  This place is so beautiful it deserves it's own blog post!!  Coming soon...

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