Monday, April 22, 2013

Alys Beach Paradise

During our frigid Spring Break we did happen upon a spot that I couldn't miss a chance to blog about.  We had heard for years about Alys Beach on 30A just past rosemary beach.  This was our chance to see it and so we paid a visit.  It’s kinda like stepping into another country or even the Caribbean somewhere.  White houses, condos and apartments are adorned with red doors and Mediterranean foliage.  It’s a quiet place with a cute coffee shop, adorable playground and some of the prettiest architecture this side of Europe.  It’s still under a bit of development but the North side of 30A boasts of a couple of restaurants and a great outdoor venue for summer movies and a splash pad.  It looks like the perfect place for families to spend a week together.  It’s also a prime opportunity to bribe your kids into photographs.  The green green grass, the white buildings and the amazing gulf in the background were breathtaking.  Getting two boys 3 and 7 to cooperate was more of a challenge but they know I always win that battle and I did!  If you ever find yourself in the Florida panhandle with a windfall of money, Alys Beach is most definitely the place you’ll want to find yourself!

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