Wednesday, May 15, 2013

”C'est Si Bon”! -the after party

"Anything worth doing is worth over-doing!"-Kat Urban Cullen

Now if those aren't words to live by, I don't know what is.
I'm the queen of over-doing and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The deFoor after graduation party had been long in the works.  We'd talked about it, dismissed it and then brought it up again.  We Love to host parties but our house is small and we live further from downtown than any of our friends.  It was decided that the only way to celebrate a deFoor graduation was with crawfish and when I found a way to score them fresh and LIVE, we hit the seafood jackpot and started making plans.  All of our families were in for graduation. It's no joke entertaining 14 guests!  My sister told me people like to eat...A LOT!  I found that to be great advice.  Who doesn't like to eat and that's just what we did!  We had an elegant spread of mizithera cheese from The Old Spaghetti Factory before a walk down Broadway to christen them to the Nashvegas lights.  After the ceremony, we had a splendid meal at one of our local favs, Cabana where we all sat around in the large private "cabana" seating.  We enjoyed "chad margaritas" and dinned on some of the best  southern fusion in all of Nashville!

The pinnacle of graduation weekend was getting those mud bugs into the boiling pot.  Jason had quite a crowd rounded up to come.  All of our close friends from Vanderbilt attended and enjoyed mounds and mounds of crawfish.  84 lbs to be exact.  With all of the other fixin's, we didn't even come close to eating it all but it was fabulous and SUCH a hit!  The homemade ice cream really struck a beat with most and my mother in laws last year's frozen blueberries were a total win in the cobbler.  We know how to party and we do it right!  Congrats to all the graduates for a job well done and a lot to be proud of!  

 Kat definitely wins the prize for the largest crawfish!

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