Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bucket Lists- Countdown and Catch Up

After a short hiatus from the blog, one might think that nothing exciting was happening in the defoor house.  Quite the opposite is happening.  I’m feeling like I’m treading water and having a little de javu as I spend hours of my life researching housing and schools for our upcoming move to Texas.  All the while, life has certainly not slowed down to allow time for that.    We traveled over the weekend  to secure housing and I feel after that, while things won’t slow down in the least , I can at least do more productive things such as turn on electricity and start making mom friend connections!  Jason’s graduation seems to be coming with lightning speed.  I knew time would go quickly but it’s still surprising how much so!  Since spring break and until our move, every single weekend is filled with some fun, bucket list activities that we can’t leave Nashville without doing.  Some of our latest and greatest adventures are documented!

We FINALLY visited the local winery.  It was the first warm Saturday of the entire spring (and only one since then really!)  I asked Jason to go early in the week and we made plans.  It’s a bring your kids and picnic kinda place and sit out on the lawn to enjoy the view.  I packed us a few snacks of wine and cheese and we made our way to the perfect spot.  I had no more than sat down when I decided I loved it here.  To our right was a great  bench swing and it was a perfect way to watch the sun set on Saturday night.  The boys loved running up and down the hill.  It’s now on my “I want to go back” bucket list. 

Easter was celebrated in our home and we jumped on the bandwagon of doing “resurrection rolls” to illustrate the Easter story.  It was a neat demonstration with crescent rolls, marshmallows and sugar and cinnamon.  The marshmallow is Jesus body and the crescent roll is the tomb.  As it cooks, the marshmallow melts and “disappears” and the tomb cracks open to reveal it’s empty.  It was great for the kids and the bite I had was quite yummy! 

My mother would be deeply disappointed if I didn’t dye eggs with my children so i  took a new approach to “boiled” eggs by baking them in the oven.  It worked like a charm and the timing was easy.  It’s 350 for 30 minutes with each egg in a muffin tin to prevent rolling.  The dying was supposed to include both children but after a small meltdown, Lincoln had to take a nap and Jackson and I took the opportunity to keep the mess less and do it ourselves.  The boys loved the real eggs and hid them all weekend, including when they had a babysitter.  A few weeks later Jackson was looking for something and found one in a drawer that we rarely use.  Oops.  Then just last week (nearly a month after Easter) Lincoln was digging around for movies and found one in the TV cabinet.  So glad that didn’t get left there any longer! 

Not all that exciting but we just got a new garbage can and it’s one of those infrared ones that opens when you walk up to it.  You would think it’s an all new form of entertainment for all the ways and times the kids walk up to it to see it open again and again.  My favorite part is it’s 20 gallons and the trash has to be taken out much less often. I even got mom one for mother's day.  I know, every mother's dream is to get a trash can for mothers day but she taught me practicality and what could be more practical than a gift you use every single day and wouldn't buy yourself?  ha!    What will they think of next?

Another bucket list item was checked as we rode in the Nashville Pedal Tavern(Think a rolling bar with 10 bicycle pedals) a few weeks ago.  It was unseasonably cold and it had been raining.  I had some serious reservations about pedaling a bicycle bar in the rain.  I am made of pure sugar and I melt immediately.  Lucky for me, the rain subsided and they saved me a seat over the tire which coincidently doesn’t have pedals.  We pedaled from Demonbreum to Downtown, stopping at several bars along the way for a quick drink before coming back out to “pedal” and cheers with your drink of choice.  It was really cool pedaling downtown to all the cheers and jeers received from tourist and locals alike.  I did manage to get into a pedaling position once but it wasn’t the hot seat, that’s for sure!  We honestly made the men do most of the work but I think everyone had fun with it.  We are thinking Houston needs a pedal tavern now!

This weekend was Jason’s grad school prom.  They call it the Capitalist Ball but it’s honestly just a big kids prom.  We ate with a group of friends at a local “bucket list” place and then made our way to The Patron Platinum Club underneath Bridgestone Arena.  It wasn’t as cool as it sounds but it was neat thinking of who must be allowed to go there when that place is hopping!  I had worried where I’d find a dress and even asked a few people about borrowing one when I stumbled upon this little number at JC Penny.  I’ll just say I paid less than my friend Mari and that’s a good deal!  It was a good time with our grad school friends.  We are going to hate to say goodbye but luckily, many of them are staying in Nashville.  Always a place we will visit!

TWICE, yes, TWICE in two weeks I received flowers from the guy sitting beside me.  The first time they were delivered, I said “What on earth did I do to deserve these?“  The second time it was more like” What on earth did YOU do?”  ha ha!  It was very sweet.  I’m still not sure what got into him but it totally made me feel special and appreciated for the hours of research I’ve been doing for our future dwelling. 

Talk about the tulips.  I'd been hearing and seeing photos of cheekwoods 50,000 tulips for weeks.  When daddy came in for a quick trip, I knew we had to seize the opportunity.  It was just as beautiful as I imagined.  I'm glad I didn't leave Nashville in the Spring without seeing this!  

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