Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Sweet Texas!

It's ours!  Last weekend we flew to Texas to look for our future home.  I had been researching online and had narrowed our search to a few houses.  The school search wasn't nearly as difficult as it was in TN. There were plenty of acceptable schools in the area.  Our flight was great and our first tex-mex meal was superb.  It wouldn't be the last we ate while we were gone either!  After a LONG day of looking at houses, we decided on this one only to find out it was under another contract and they didn't have a Lucy so they win.  We were both disappointed because we simply didn't agree on our second choice.  He wanted the larger but slightly older house and I was stuck on getting in a new one.  There's just something about moving into a NEW house!  Well, he settled and we were applying for the second choice when I got a call from the agent that the first choice was still available IF we could get a few things done TODAY.  Well we made it happen and after performing like circus animals for 2 days just to get the house, we got it!  Neither of us had to settle, we both LOVED this one!  The yard is big and the kids will easily be able to walk to school.  It's nearly in the back yard!  We will be moving to The Woodlands, Texas the first week in June.  The community is supposed to be fabulous and perfect for families. It's a VERY large planned community and it has a Trader Joes IN the neighborhood.   The commute, well, it will be trying at times but in 18 months or less, it will be cut down from 90 minutes to around 10.  That's the silver lining!  

After the house deal was done, we DESERVED these drinks!

We decided to celebrate by eating our fav, crawfish!  I knew it was season and you just can't get em' here in good ol' TN!  We both ate 2 lbs of crawfish and decided to snack on some raw oysters.  Jason chastises me about never trying new things when he introduces me to them so I decided it was time to try the oysters.  I liked them and ate several.  BIG Mistake.  To make a long story short, I'm allergic to oysters.  My sister is allergic to nothing else in the world but oysters and I knew that.  Apparently, I'm no different.  She tried them 3 times to come to that conclusion.  I won't have to try it again.

On Sunday after church with my friends The Schiffmans, we decided to road trip down to the Kemah Boardwalk.  We had mentioned it last summer but never ventured down there.  It was quite a site to behold. It was hands down the best people watching I've done, possibly ever but certainly since I left Fayetteville, NC.  The oddities were so entertaining we didn't need to pay extra for fun things to do.  We walked around a bit then Jason decided to jump right in there with the best of them and bought a "yard stick" of beer.  Nothing screams spring break like drinking from a yard stick!

I never get used to these elaborate 15th birthday celebrations.  We didn't have these in Alabama and it's so strange to see a girl so young in a wedding/prom dress!  This one had a paparazzi, an entourage and a bouquet of spikes and ribbons to carry.  She did a carriage ride around the boardwalk with all of her court and then stopped here to make photos.  Surely they can crop out the giant porta-potties in the background of her glamour shots, right?

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