Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to School days

Jackson started school late here in Texas.  Much later than all of our TN friends.  We didn't mind the extra few weeks of summer.  Although, we know that around here, "summer" lasts until Thanksgiving.  The night before school, Jackson read Lincoln, The Kissing Hand before bed and Lincoln snuggled his new fav teddy, Roosevelt.  
 Jackson was more than a little excited to get to school.  Here, school starts- at 8:55 and ends at 3:55.  I will say that we are not a fan of the late start.  We get up by 615-630 around here so we have at least an hour to kill.  Then it seems rushed to get homework, sports and dinner done before bedtime.  We usually start walking around 8:25 when they are allowed in the building.  Jackson has a brand new teacher from Iowa.  She seems sweet and of course he likes her!

 Big Lincoln started his first time at Pre-school on September  4th. He finally got into the preschool where we attend church.   He has been SO excited about starting school and so has his mommy.  Lincoln has a lot of learning to do this year and I'm hoping they have better luck teaching him his letters than I've had the past 3 years.  You might say he's a little stubborn.  Don't let the looks fool ya!
 His teachers have been teaching preschool for many many years.  He loves it and comes home with a few stories each week.  He's just going 2 days a week.
 Now this is the real story.  I mentioned we walk to Jackson's school each morning but I didn't mention our little "trick".  The school is just 2 houses down from our house in the back yard.  There are privacy fences that cover all the way to the front of the neighborhood.  Soon after we moved in, we noticed between our house and the neighbors there was a public area that dipped slightly lower than our yards.  This made a gap under the continual fence line.  A dip just big enough for us to duck under.  We checked it out and realized it put us on the sidewalk just steps from the school.  We decided then, we were going to "sneak" under the fence sometimes instead of walking to the front of the neighborhood and around all the houses just to come right back by our own backyard.  Jason got out and weeded us a spot to crawl right under and most days we do just that.  It's HOT here, if you hadn't heard by now and there's no "walking" at 4pm to pick up.  It's always fun to approach someone on the other side of the fence as we start filing under there like clowns from a car.  I'm sure if the weather ever decides it's had enough hot we will enjoy the walk to school with all of our friends but for now, the 100 yard walk is MUCH cooler!  I always think of "The Pokey Little Puppy" when we duck under the fence!  I always loved that book!

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