Monday, September 9, 2013

Long Live Summer!

Compared to our friends in TN we had a phenomenally long summer.  But compared to most, we had a week longer to enjoy the HOT HOT weather and being our last week of summer, we really decided to live it up!  Day One:  We went back to our favorite pool.  The one with the "family slide".  It's a wide slide and we can all go down at the same time.  Don't know why that's so thrilling but it is!  
That afternoon we made a trip to one of the local parks.  After we got home, we were outside when we were paid a visit by THIS little guy!  I meal little!  
 On Day 2 we met some old friends at the Zoo.  I've mentioned before we both live in "Houston" but that's relative since it's probably at least an hour from my house to hers.  Our boys get along swimmingly and always have a good time together.  Being August, we planned to spend the morning at the zoo, pack a lunch and leave right afterwards.  It worked out in our favor as a huge storm cloud signaled our departure time for us.  We saw all the exhibits the boys wanted to and had a great time together.

 Like father, like sons!  These two!  You'd think I plucked them right from the chimpanzee exhibit.  Sometimes I think I did!
On the way home from the zoo, we finally stopped by the local shave Ice place when it wasn't overly crowded.  It was worth the wait!  It was BIG and good!  And they have flavors like ninja turtle and incredible hulk.  I had Barbie!  (kidding, I had tigers blood!)

Day 3 we made the trip to Brenham, TX for the famous Blue Bell factory tour.  It's a great little tour which of course includes a silver lining of ice cream at the end.  Jackson really enjoyed seeing how the buckets of ice cream are filled and then frozen.  I liked hearing about their seasonal/regional flavors.  Jackson asked some great questions like:  How long does it take for it to get from the Cow to the store?  The answer:  About 48 hours!  Talk about some fresh ice cream!
I loved these billboards we saw all along the way to Brenham!

Even thought we'd eaten desert first, I was told not to miss this diner so we drove out to the Brenham, TX regional airport to an adorable 50's diner.  The waitresses were dressed in poodle skirts and it is located right on the airfield where you can watch the take off and landing!  We shared the burger and onion rings and it was truly a delicious burger!

 We spent the evening at our local favorite pool.  It's less than a mile from us and we could essentially ride our bikes.  It made the perfect way to say goodbye to Wednesday!
Thursday we met some friends we had been trying to get up with for a while.  We had planned to meet at the last pool on our pool tour but we didn't realize that pool was closed on Thursdays so instead we went back and swam at their pool in the backyard.  Jackson loved swimming there and Lincoln wanted to be just as big as the big boys.  This led to Lincoln swimming too.  No life vest, no swimmies.
Friday took us to the pool at Grogan's Mill.  It's the only pool with a splash pad attached to it.  That was fun because during "swim break" you can still play in the water.  It also has a great diving board and a climbing wall to boot!  After realizing that Lincoln was a pretty proficient swimmer, I caved and let him jump from the diving board.  He jumped, and jumped and jumped.  I finally had to call them off to go home and eat dinner.  
Last day of summer, Lincoln is finally a proficient swimmer!

To kick off school starting, Jackson's school had a little park playdate with sno cones.  These two have never turned down a chance at concentrated syrup+ red #5 and blue #3!  Mmmmm!  They also had their picture made with The Woodlands Mascot.  It's a pine cone, ironically named Puffy, and we thought it was cute and funny!

Here's to a fun filled summer, full of adventure that I hope they never ever forget!  
Long Live Summer!
  Just don't put your shorts away yet. 
Texas doesn't promise cooler temps until December if at all!

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