Friday, September 20, 2013

The Things Boys Say

Nothing I love more than compiling a list of the funniest things these boys say and realizing less than a week later that I've got an entire blogs worth.  It doesn't take long for them to fill up a page of funnies.  So here's a laugh for your Friday, weekend or whenever you get around to reading this!

Lincoln has been referring to me as "your Highness".  "Here's your coffee your Highness" and "I put my shoes up your Highness"  I didn't have to wonder long where he'd heard it.  We've been "secretly" watching Sophia the First on Disney channel.  He's not "supposed" to like it, it is in fact a "girl show" but he does like it and will watch it any time it's on.  They commonly refer to her as your Highness and he sees it as a "girl term" which I clearly am.  And don't think for a second I mind it at all!

A week or so ago, the boys and I made a little trip into Houston unexpectedly.  Jason rides a "park and ride" bus and sometimes catches the last ride into The Woodlands.  Well, this time, the last ride never came and he had to call me furiously and ask me to drive downtown and get him.  As we are pulling up to 800 Bell St, which is the Exxon Building, Lincoln notices there is "smoke" (steam) coming from the top of the skyscraper. He says, "Look, the building is smoking" and Jackson knowingly rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah, because that's where they are makin' the Gas and Oil!"  Very matter of fact.  Clearly, the oil is 'made' in the 40 story professional building in downtown Houston.  Isn't that what Exxon is all about?!

Lincoln had to have shots to start preschool.  He was a little behind on his vaccinations.  Mom of the year here!  He needed 4 shots to get caught up.  That means 2 in each leg.  I was a little worried about his reaction so I kinda sprung it on him.  He told me he was going to be brave.  He wasn't kidding!  He got his shots and GIGGLED while they gave them to him.  He was a little apprehensive and it apparently made him think it was funny.  I've never seen a kid laugh during a shot until now.  The next morning he told me he had to walk "like an old lady" because he was limping a little.  Later on he was still milking it and he told me, "Mom, two of my legs hurt."
Hhhmmmm, I thought we only had two?!

I spent a weekend with girlfriends in Colorado.  They boys stayed with their daddy.  The weekend was highly anticipated for all!  It was probably the first time I've left the boys with their dad all alone before.  Boys weekend was in full effect as I knew from the food selections, late night phone calls with kid noises in the background and scary movies checked out on my Redbox account.  No matter how much fun I try to be, there's no way I could top this weekend in their minds.  As I'm boarding the plane to come home I recieve THIS photo of Lincoln.
With it was a caveat saying he did ALL this to himself in a matter of 2 hours.  He'd fallen down 2 times and ran into something?  Either way, he started preschool on Wednesday and he wanted to ensure CPS wouldn't be called.  I had no words.  I keep him all day every day and nothing to this degree seems to happen on my watch.  Don't you know I gave Lincoln the third degree about what "really" happened when I walked in the door.  Their stories hold true that he fell down and on a toy.  Either way, to me, this is the face of child that needs a bit more supervision...and possibly a helmet.  Which we considered.

On the way to the pool one day Jackson and I had a pretty intense discussion about humility.  It's meaning, how he could put it into action and just basic understanding of the term.  I was on parenting cloud 9 that my child was interested in such a virtue.
We then pulled up to the pool  Jackson asked "you mean it doesn't have anything to do with the weather and how hot it is?" (Humidity)
Big fat parenting FAIL!

This week, I told Lincoln we had to run some errands.  We made it to our destination and Lincoln said, "Where are we?"  I said we've got to run into Old Navy.  He said, "I don't wanna go in old Lady!"

In preschool, Lincoln is learning to count and we are so proud!  This week, he was at the table when he showed me a "different number one".  
Those were his exact words.  
He was serious.  
I had to try hard not to laugh.  

Jackson and I were talking about the phases of the moon one evening.  We were talking about the three quarters moon and how it's almost a full moon.
 Lincoln chimes in from behind and says, "Why is the moon full?  Did it eat 'somefing'? "

And I leave you with this.  
Which I'm sure if you've seen it, you've already been rendered speechless.

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