Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Camp Nanapawpaw 2013

My kids just returned from quite possibly THE most exclusive summer camp on the planet.  The stipulations for getting into this summer camp set the bar pretty high.  The selection process is quick and as of now, there is unfortunately  no waiting list.  The price?  Well, I think it's safe to say 2 weeks at this camp is simply priceless!  To be one of the lucky 2 campers, you have to be born into the deFoor/Smith family and as of now, it's a boys only camp.  There is talk of adding a "girls only" camp in the future and opening it up to other families, (particularly those with the last name Mooring should apply) but for now this boys only camp ranks tops in the minds of these two lucky campers.  The camp is so exclusive that the campers are picked up by the counselor in person and then escorted back to the camp site by plane.  They are greeted on arrival with a full agenda of fun for 2 whole weeks.  No bedtimes, no rules, no problems!  

This camp is heavily weighted in the scientific arts.  One of the amazing camp counselors just happens to be a seasoned school teacher in Science and brings all her resources to the camp experience.  Occasionally a day camper is allowed in on the fun but Jackson and Lincoln are still the only overnight campers here.  Lessons are given in biology/dissection, mass, matter and chemical reactions.  There are also ecology lessons almost daily.  It's truly a boys heaven.  Rivers, Creeks and Cabins, OH MY!

There is always plenty of outdoor fun to be had at Camp Nanapawpaw.  Another favorite camp counselor is an avid fisherman/outdoorsman.  He has been specializing in outdoor activities for the last 40 years.  Having 2 daughters of his own, teaching boys the ways of outdoor life has been his lifelong dream.  
No summer camp experience is complete without water fun.  There is no shortage of water fun here!  Be it backyard slip n sliding, swimming pools or jumping off 15ft river piers the water fun never ends.  It's safe to say their swimsuits got a sufficient workout this summer.

Another highlight of Camp Nanapawpaw are the special guest appearances.  You just never know who will show up in your 2 weeks at camp.  These lucky guys got to meet a cute new blonde friend, an adorable puppy friend and their favorite Ms. Marie!  She even traveled from Nashville to spend an entire day with them.  Look at all those smiles.  I'd say it was a day well spent!  They also got to visit with great great aunts and great grandpa's well into their 90's.  It isn't just any camp where you can share a watermelon with your 90 year old grandpa that HE GREW himself!  

Movies and tightrope walking were some of the activity trips that were taken during camp.  There were also many trips to the local waterfall, splash pad, creek and mountain cabin.  The fun simply never ends around this place!
Then there was snack time.  Always a good time!  Sometimes it could include healthy snacks such as watermelon but more often than not, it would be pure whip cream, ice cream, cookies and cake with the occasional Mountain Dew on the side.  Yep, sugar detox is a must after spending 2 weeks at Camp Nanapawpaw.

You might think it's all play and no work here at Camp Nanapawpaw but these campers really earn their keep!  They are expected to help with car washes, pet maintenance and freely offering hugs and kisses to compensate for the exclusive entrance to this camp.  Changing clothes however, is NOT required.  If you want to wear a red superman shirt for 2 weeks straight, you are allowed to do so.  You don't want to swim in a swimsuit, no problem.  This is NOT fashion camp to be sure.

Rest time is always important and this camper really knows how to work it.  He made sure to let the Science Counselor know he liked to be "cozy" and she made sure that he always was.  She was also responsible for keeping the 2 rotating outfits clean and ready to wear.  Without her, his time at camp would have been much less pleasant.  Being the baby has it's perks.  It also helps when you radiate ADORABLE!
 And just when you *THINK* the fun is over, that's when it just moves up a notch to REALLY fun!  No camp is complete without a grande finale and up next, you'll get to read ALL about it!  Here's just a little sneak peek into the rest of the story...

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