Friday, May 8, 2009

Bring on the Rain

I guess we arrived in Alabama just in time for the "rainy season." It has rained a significant amount since we got here 2 weeks ago. It rains so hard at night, it's awakened me a few times. The parks are muddy and the river is overflowing. The spill waves are fully open and that is a sight to see! On Sunday, I was beginning to feel sorry for myself because I think I left my "good" umbrella in Jason's truck in NC and I only have my dollar store one here. I have to "waddle" to the car more quickly than normal to keep from getting my pants legs wet. I'm in church for 2 minutes when Jason calls. I'm always glad to hear from him and he seems to be in fairly good spirits. He asked if I wanted to know about his latest drama and of course, I like to know anything about what my husband is doing for the next year of his life. He says that they had a bad thunderstorm on his base last night and that their 100 man festival tent had flooded and had about 1/4 inch standing water in it. So much for feeling sorry for myself about a little rain! WOW! So you already have to sleep in a big tent with 100 other smelly guys and now all your stuff on the floor is wet and you have to stand on your bed to change clothes. Now I begin to count my blessings! He was actually laughing about it. I asked him what you do about a flooded tent and he says "you sleep in it!" Then I asked him if that wouldn't cause mosquito's to invade and he said "that's why we're taking malaria pills." I guess you might as well laugh about it. And again I'm reminded, I'm just not that Tough!

These pictures are of Wilson Dam, with the spill waves fully open to allow for all the rainwater to pass through. Wilson Dam is part of TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) the hydro-electric energy producer here in the Tennessee Valley. I read in the paper that over one million gallons of water is passing through them each second! These were taken by a friend and were too awesome not to share. (thanks, Joy)

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  1. Girl we are a different kind of TOUGH!

    A spend 12 or 15 months alone, with multiple children, giving birth alone, being mom and dad at the same time, supporting our men across the miles kind of TOUGH!