Friday, May 8, 2009

Mama Mia!

On Monday I hit the 35 week mark in this pregnancy! The baby is done developing for the most part and now just puts on weight. We ALL know what that means for BIG mama! I can feel the belly getting bigger and the clothes that are SUPPOSED to be for maternity fitting a little tighter these days. I can also feel it when I want to roll over in bed at night. Sometimes, I wake up, contemplate moving and decide it's not worth the effort before going back to sleep. Otherwise, I have had more energy and felt better this week than I did even last week. That is good for me but bad for the hope of the baby being "ready" to come out anytime soon. I guess it does help that I have gone from being a single parent to having 3 adults to share 3 year old care with! I do most of the cooking and planning of the meals around here but other than that, my responsibilities are small and somewhat selfish (scrapbooking, shopping, etc!)

My mom is our official photographer. She does it a little on the side and A LOT for us! It comes in really handy especially with the baby's arrival and lucky me, she's really good at it! You will be seeing more and more of her work in the near future with Lincoln's arrival. These are some of the maternity pics that she took on Monday at a nearby park. If you only knew the amount of bribery and threatening it took to get these pictures, you'd know how much to appreciate that sweet face of his!

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  1. The second one down is not fooling me. I can see the look on his face :)