Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 10 things I LOVE about being a Mother

10. No need for alarm clocks anymore. Kids make the perfect replacement. They are sure to
NEVER ever let you sleep in, even when you can. Every morning since we've been in AL, he's found a reason to come into my room and make sure I'm awake.

9. Uncomfortable in a situation? Need to get off an annoying call? KIDS are the best reason to have to run...and if it gets serious, kids can always provide you with a crisis. Beware, sometimes this crisis can be real!

8. Admit it, you think that toy on the infomercial looks pretty cool and lucky for you, there's a holiday or a bribery issue coming up really soon! So go ahead, get out your credit card and order that toy "for the Kids!"

7. Kids are like playing paper dolls, you get to dress them however you want to reflect your own least until they form an opinion (which begins around age 2!)

6. Kids make the perfect excuses to go to all the places you secretly want to go yourself...the Zoo, DISNEY!, Great Wolf Lodge, amusement parks, etc... AND you get to see their enjoyment while you fulfill your desire.

5. Self-esteem issues? Kids can be brutally honest, but also amazingly complementary, even in the times you least expect it. There's nothing like waking up to a 3 year old saying, "Mom, you're pretty!" but also "Mom, you're belly is BIG!"

4. Your manners and your core values are reinforced while teaching them to kids. You must remember words NOT to say, remember your "thank yous" and your "yes, ma'ams" lest you be reminded and corrected by your 3 year old.

3. Google! It can be the most useful and loved tool by all mothers, you can look up "bug bites", what to do IF..., and the answers to all the questions asked by your 3 year old that you just don't know the answers to.

2. The distress call..."Mooooooooooooooommmmmmmm" It could be something serious, like needing a butt wiped or something with less significance like spilling milk on the carpet or a sibling rivalry gone bad. Either way, you won't very often hear, "Daaaaadddddddyyy" because these are jobs best suited for the one they call Mom!

1. To your child, you ARE like God. You can kiss a boo-boo and make it better. They can ask and food simply appears in front of them. Wet bed sheets and clothes are amazingly clean and dry. Dirty diapers are clean and noses are wiped right before their eyes. And your reward lovingly comes as hugs and kisses which to a mother are worth more than gold!

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  1. I love it! I love the one about going places you secretly want to go:). That's me. :)