Friday, November 20, 2009

Jackson-isms Part 3

I have been collecting these little gems for quite a while in hopes of posting this blog and life keeps getting in the way. I keep a little notebook in my purse so that when I hear these adorable words, I wont' forget to record them for your entertainment and my memory. Each of them has a storyline behind it but here goes.

On the 2 minute drive to church one Sunday, we hear the song "Love of my Life" by Jim Brickman and I tell Jackson that this is the song they played at mine and your daddy's wedding. He asks me, "Was I in your tummy then?" NO, it was about 2 years later but I did wonder if this was a sign of the times. I'll have to invest in teaching the sequence of life to him more diligently.

Jackson was setting up an elaborate Geo-trax train maze in his room and it spread across the room. Roxy, as usual, was right in the center of us there. She had made her bed amidst the trax. He didn't like her near the trax thinking she would mess up the moving trains. I told him to leave her there, she was protecting him. He loudly hissed, "Roxy doesn't protect me, GOD protects me!" I guess he's right.

During Lincoln's crying fits in the car Jackson is always great to try and put his paci back in or do something to make him stop crying. He does get frustrated sometimes but he is always gentle and always willing to help me when I'm driving. Several times I've contorted my arm backwards to replace the paci only to find that Jackson's little hand is already attempting to replace it. I told him, "Jackson, you sure are a good big brother, I wish I had a big brother like you." and he asked me, "Mom, Could you get ME a big brother? I want to have 2 big boys" Somehow I think that would be hard to do buddy!

I admit sometimes I resort to using the threatening technique to achieve obedience. Mostly over picking up toys or eating dinner. Normal 3 year old behaviors but I always expect more out of him. So I told him if he didn't __________, I was going to whoop is tail.(in my most southern voice) He proceeded to tell me in a whiny tone "but I don't have a tail!" How do you keep from laughing.

We were loading ourselves in the car one day and randomly Jackson uttered this little bud of knowledge. "Mom, there's a golden road in heaven and when we die, we can walk on it" Now this is something him and my dad have obviously discussed at some point but is vision of it is right on!

Jackson was throwing a little 3 year old tantrum about something one day and I wasn't really feeling it. I stopped him and to make fun of his crying I asked him, "Did anybody die for you to be acting this way?" Not expecting this answer he said "Yeeeesssss." I asked Who? and he (still crying) said "Johnny Cash died a few years ago." That was not the reason for the crying but it got my attention. Another bit of knowledge from my dad but seriously, how many 3 year olds know Johnny Cash or care that he died?

During Jason's recent visit home He and Jackson rented Ghostbusters movie. He hadn't watched it before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then at bedtime we did our whole routine and Jason and I went to bed soon after. We were watching TV when Jackson entered our room and came up to his dad and seriously and vividly said, "Dad, there's somethin' strange going on in my bedroom." Jason quickly caught on that it was related to the movie. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Every time we leave the house Jackson and I go in rounds over combing his hair. He was dressed to walk out the door and I was fixing his hair reluctantly I'm sure. He looked over to Jason's sink and said, "Mom, I want to smell like daddy!" In a moment of sweet joy, I tearfully said I want you to smell like daddy too and gladly sprayed Jason's cologne on him. He told everyone at daycare that day that he smelled like his daddy. Later that night, I told him is was bath time and he protested saying he didn't want to wash off his Daddy smell.

After a long crying spell in the car Lincoln had finally fallen asleep. I was relieved to hear the music again and probably carry on a phone conversation when I hear him starting all over again. I immediately asked Jackson what happened, why was he awake again. Jackson told me, "I woke him up, I wanted to play with him." Really? Are we talking about the same crying baby? I guess a brothers love knows no bounds or is it sounds(really loud crying sounds)?

Only the child of a high maintenance kinda girl would recognize this but at Disney world, Jackson told my mom one morning, "Nana, you need your toes done!" Smart and fashion savvy. I think mom's pedicure was scheduled pronto after our trip.

Jackson regularly plays with the children that live next door. They, being great neighbors, also feed us on a regular basis. One night, Jackson ate dinner over there and they called me and said they were having steak salad and asked if Jackson would eat it and I said, he doesn't eat it at home but try it and if the other boys eat it, he just might. When he came home I asked him what he had for dinner and he said he ate salad. I acted surprised and said I didn't know he liked salad and he told me I don't like it here but I like it over there!

One morning at the breakfast table Jackson passed a little gas. Being a boy, he thought it was Sooooooo funny. I requested that he say excuse me. He told me, "Mom, God makes us poot. He doesn't poot but he makes us poot." So, there you have it. The infinite wisdom of a three year old.

That's it for round 3 but I'm sure there will be more and I'll keep that notebook handy to compile them. It won't be long and we'll begin throwing in a few Lincoln-isms to accompany them.

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  1. The Johny Cash bit made me laugh out loud and the cologne story made me tear up. He's such a brave and funny little man!