Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sometimes, Daddy knows best

Day 2 at Walt Disney World was spent at Epcot. Me being the infinite planner had researched our agenda and had a clip board type plan for touring the park. Upon entrance Mom and I were the "fast-pass" volunteers. We were tasked with getting coveted fast passes for Soarin'. We made haste toward our goal and left the men folk with the kids and stroller. After securing those fast passes we checked in to find Dad and Jason committing the most common tourist mistake of getting in an early morning long line for photos with the Disney characters. This was NOT on my checklist for this time of day. I had a plan and they weren't conforming. Jason assured me that this was THE photo opportunity of the day and since they were nearly at the front of the line they stayed. I impatiently waited on them and when they finally showed up I reviewed their progress in the photo department. I have to admit, I was pleased. Jackson was able to meet Micky, Donald, Pluto, Minnie and Goofy all in one place and it didn't end up putting us too far off my schedule after all. I admit it, sometimes he's right (more often that I'd like to admit!)
Later that day, we dined at Coral Reef in the Living Seas restaurant. It was a nice meal in front of a LARGE aquarium. We rode Soarin' at least 2 times and Loved it. We also checked off Fast Track and mission Space in the Future World Section of Epcot. Since later this night we would be attending Micky's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Jackson needed to nap so Mom and Dad took the kids back to the hotel and Jason and I spent the afternoon in the World Showcase section. Lucky us, it was Epcot's Food an Wine Festival. Jason and I started out in Greece. During the Food and Wine Festival there are booths in each country featuring wines and small tastes of the local foods. We began with a sweet wine, Greek salad and a gyro. From there, we went into food and wine bliss. In true vacation style, we indulged in wine and food from every country that we fancied. We had champagne, french cosmos, and margaritas. We ate croissants, soups and empanadas. We literally made our way around the world in food and wine. We laughed and ate and drank. We really enjoyed our afternoon together there. Looking back, this was the only time we spent alone the whole 2 weeks but it was really great to have him by my side and all to myself!

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