Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Saving money but losing my mind...

Yesterday I thankfully had the boys in hourly care for a few hours. I NEEDED to be away from them to appreciate being their mommy again. I had to get a few things for Jason because the PX has apparently had some type of stocking issues and doesn't carry shaving cream right now. So in my time off, I perused Target and stopped by Walgreens before arriving at the commissary. I am attempting to learn the art of coupon shopping. I have friends that are very successful at it saving around $30-40 every 2 weeks on groceries. I have accumulated several weeks coupons, printed some, read the deals blogs and organized them into the binder system recommended by the pros. I enter the commissary with my large zipper notebook and checklist in hand. Halfway through the store, I realize that my time has ran out and I have to go get the kids. I knew it was close by so I left my cart there and picked up the boys. By this time, it was 5pm which is quitin' time for most of the army and they all stopped by the Commissary today. It was POURING down rain as I attached Lincoln to my front carrier and ran to the door while Jackson squealed that the umbrella wasn't covering him. I should have taken this as my clue that this wasn't a good idea but I pressed on. I had already bribed Jackson for good behavior with a green lollipop but this was short lived. I continued the SLOW process of matching products with coupons while Lincoln protested it was time to eat and Jackson (who had already been placed in the cart for not listening) proclaimed it was time to go home. At the checkout, thankfully, the guy was understanding and appreciative of my coupon shopping effort. I carefully unloaded the cart while still wearing the baby and restraining Jackson from handling all the candy on the isle. Yet the fun still wasn't over after a whopping 3 hours total in the store. I got us to the car but we weren't dry. Being a good mom, I let Jackson eat his lunchable in the car and dinner was done but we still had to unload said groceries, feed the baby and get these guys in the bed while putting groceries away. I knew I had lost it when I was getting the boys out and find Lincoln sitting in a carseat FULL of check mix that Jackson had dumped on him. I probably spoke more loudly than I should have in my display of anger but it was the pinnacle and it had been crossed. By 11pm, I finally had the perishable items put away and had to call it a night. The end of the most stressful grocery store experience I have ever encountered. All in all, I saved $34 off my grocery bill but I just might have also left a little part of my mind and enthusiasm for coupon shopping in the store.


  1. I know I was NOT suppose to be giggling through parts of that, but I was getting some very good mental images of this... but I have done it too. And I bet Linc looked pretty tasty covered in chexmix!

    I NEVER EVER take ANY children(because honestly, the older they get... the more annoying they get at stores) to the commisary anymore. It is NOT worth the stress.
    Hurrah for saving $34 though! That's pretty awesome!

  2. See this is why I am a huge advocate of drive thrus, lol! Isaac was always so well behaved in stores and would shop all day if you wanted to/needed to. However, then Delainey came along and completely messed that all up! I agree, it should be illegal to have to shop with small children! Great job on 34 bucks, the most I have saved is 10!