Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alabama Snow Day

Schools were out and the store shelves were vacant where the bread and the milk used to be. No one around here would be without their PB&J at lunchtime. Everything was perfect for a Snow Day...except there was NO snow. It is not an uncommon occurrence around here for the weather men to transform into giddy hope-filled 5 year olds and raise everyone's expectations for snow. One should just be prepared for a big disappointment. This is ALABAMA people, it just doesn't snow here.
So what do you do on a non-snow day when it's too cold to go outside? Jackson spends much of his time trying to talk his way into getting some candy or watching MORE TV. I spend my time either on the computer or walking around with a wooden spoon trying to prevent the 2 previous actions AND keeping Lincoln away from the fireplace. Apparently there is some strange magnetic force between Lincoln and the fireplace that he has discovered he can pull up on.
Nana always saves Jackson's day by providing some type of diversion. Today it was Gingerbread cookies. He had waited patiently for this "snow day" to make these cookies. He was serious about the job and even more serious abut sneaking a taste of the cookies.

He did get out and walk around in the SMALL flurries that fell. It was fun to see but equated to a boy stir crazy from being stuck in the house. And a stir crazy boy usually leads to an altercation with me and that trusty wooden spoon.


  1. Ok,I swear in one of those pictures it looks like there are snowflakes!

    As a fellow card member of the Wooden Spoon Club...I have a sharing time for you... I had to confiscate one from Ronin the other day that he was using as a sword(and hitting Zoe with) and when I took it away I said " We don't hit people with the wooden spoon!", to which HE replied " Only Mommies can????".

  2. I see you have a Mr. Be Good too :)...ahaha LOVE IT