Monday, January 18, 2010

North Carolina via Ohio

On our way home to NC, we are traveling through Ohio to visit our good friends the Wallaces and their girls. Alexandra is 4 and Charlotte is 5 weeks.

The road to Ohio was as uneventful as it can be considering I was traveling with a 4 year old, 7 month old, a dog, a cat and an SUV FULL of Christmas stuff. All in all, we made it in one piece but I'm pretty sure Roxy (the dog) and I have several more gray hairs from the ordeal. First we traveled to Nashville and met another girlfriend, Jen, and her 4 children. I had yet to meet her youngest and her mine. We dined with 6 children at California Pizza Kitchen and really enjoyed the meal and our conversation. It was not as chaotic as one might suspect with 6 children under 6 years old. On to Ohio, by way of Kentucky. We made several stops in the greater Kentucky mountains including one right-off-the-side-of-the-highway bathroom stop. I did eventually have to make use of my fancy Bose headphones for the ipod for noise cancellation. Lincoln was crying, Jackson was crying because Lincoln was crying. The cat was crying and the dog was snoring. One mom shouldn't have to endure such torture alone. My prayers were answered in that the cat wasn't as much trouble as he has been in the past. We finally arrived around 9pm and swiftly made our sleeping arrangements.
Today we spent decompressing and let the kids play together. We made beautiful (ok, tasty) heart shaped cupcakes with LOTS of icing and dressed up like police and princess. Tomorrow we're going to jump into the mini van (it's borrowed) and take 4 kids into Cincinnati. That will be another story.


  1. them some scrumptous looking cupcakes :) Love Alexandra's pic

  2. Ok, Alexandra is getting MORE and MORE gorgeous!What a great pic!
    And bless your heart, that drive DOES sound like torture. Can't wait to hear the rest of your adventure! ha ha!

    Give Renee a hug from me!