Monday, January 18, 2010

Lost and Found

I'm writing this story mostly because I want to remember it myself.
While in Alabama, I went out on an errand while wearing the emerald and diamond pendant that Jason got me on R&R. A gift for my 30th birthday saying "sorry I wasn't here." I got home and mom lifted the small white gold chain off my neck WITHOUT the pendant! My heart skipped a beat and my mind raced to the two places I had been. We split. She took linc and went to the closer one, I went on to the crowded lunchtime restaurant. I drove a little too fast and got there and didn't have any luck when she called and said it was my lucky day. She had found it in the parking lot. I was so thankful to have found it and decided a new chain was in order for the expensive and meaningful piece of jewelry.
Later that same week, I went to the spray tanning salon. Before leaving I glanced up on a shelf and a sparkly bauble caught my eye. As I picked it up, I felt a familiar heart race as I realized this was a VERY large and beautiful engagement ring. The 14K on the inside proved it was in fact very real as well. My heart ached for the person who had left this ring as I know how she would feel once she realized she had misplaced it. Not only was it beautiful, it was sentimental. I pondered what to do and decided that I would prefer to personally return it to the owner. I called the tanning salon and told them if anyone was looking for a piece of jewelry to call me and left my number. I expected a phone call within the hour or at least that night. No one called. I wasn't sure how someone wouldn't miss a ring of that size quickly but it slept in my jewelry box.
At 7am, I got a phone call from the tanning salon saying there was a girl who owned and described the ring and would like to come and get it as soon as possible. Knowing full well how lost she must be without it, she came immediately. She showed up crying and Very thankful. She claimed she hadn't slept all night. Well I guess NOT!
So the happy ending to this story is everyone got their jewelry back. I'm lucky to have found my pendant and she's lucky to be sporting that magnificent diamond. Call it Karma, or God watching over us but the moral of the story is: It's always the right thing, to do the right thing!


  1. Great post Jamie! I'm so glad you found your pendant AND that girl's ring. Phew!

  2. Good job Jamie. Do right act right.