Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fort Jackson-The cure for cabin fever

It's COLD here in Alabama. The coldest start to the year since 1938 for you history buffs. The bitter cold and lack of snow have left Jackson in a WILD state of boredom and if you have a 4 year old boy (or any child for that matter) you know that this equates to BAD behavior. On Thusday while Mom was out of school for the imaginary blizzard of 2010, she does what she can to save Jackson's hide. She's been around the block a time or two when it comes to bored children. She took out her photography clamps, a large box that a portrait came in and a black and white piece of material previously used for a backdrop. Magically, a Fort appeared. This isn't your run of the mill Fort either. It has a working door and a roof. It comes accesorized with a head lamp and pillow and blanket. You can even order yougurt for breakfast, DELIVERY! But that's not all...oh no, this 2010 version of a Fort is not like the ones we had as children. No imagination is necessary thanks to the invention of portable DVD players. First they revolutionized the mini-van and now they're showing up in Forts everywhere. Home Alone (the original "KEVIN") is now showing in a Fort near you!

So..."Keep the change you filthy animal!"

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