Friday, January 1, 2010

Let the good times roll

It feels so good to say it's Finally 2010. This is THE year, the year he'll be home. I don't have any great photos of us ringing in the new year. No fabulous outfit was worn. I was in pajamas sound asleep with my boys as the new year began. I knew it would be here when I woke up bight and early in the morning. 5 hours after it began, we were up celebrating with coffee and cereal. My coffee was better than any champagne consumed AND I felt better throughout the day because of my coffee. Bet not many people can say that on new years day!
We are choosing to save all our celebrating for that wonderful day looming over us in April sometime. It's even more exciting because thanks to the Army, we won't know the exact day until right before it happens. They like to keep things exciting you know.
At the risk of sounding all to familiar and redundant to some of my mommy friends, I'll just say that the last 8 months are wearing on me and my "fun mommy" skills are being challenged. We're finally on the home stretch and I know it will be a long one but I'm prepared to endure the final lap. The rewards will be all too great! I'm just trying to keep my focus on the prize. Yes, the prize is having him home but also going on this Fabulous Excellence vacation (sans kids!) So I may be asking for a cheering squad for the next 4 months as I watch the time slowly trickle by.
My new years resolutions are going to be what I "desire" to do without the added self pressure of attaining unrealistic goals. I'll save those for next year when I can truly focus on those things.
1. Make it through the next 4 months without loosing my mind.
2. Drink my 3 bottles of water a day.
3. Continue my running (with the help of my running girls)
4. Balance my coupon shopping hobby with saving money. (hey, it takes money to save money!)
5. Continue to pray through some life altering decisions for our family.
Yes, this one doesn't need to be a "resolution" but remembering that God is in control, Jason is the head of our family and trusting all those decisons as the best for our family can take an effort.

With all that said, Let the good times Roll!

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  1. I'm so happy for you that the end is near and you have a gang of gals, who know exactly what you are going through, around. Give those two handsome little men of yours giant hugs for me!