Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Bits

So we've not had any major events going on the last week or so. Can you blame me? After 6 weeks of holiday travels, we've been getting back to a routine that we call life.

I have spent most of my time unpacking, cleaning and conforming the children to strict 8pm bedtimes and keeping them fed. Boy it seems like once I clean up from one meal, it's time for the next. I've recently made fun of myself for "saving time" by using both paper plates and paper bowls. It makes the dishes much easier but I counteract that time saved by hand making most of Lincoln's baby food when I could probably buy it slightly cheaper and much easier. Oh well, I've got nothing but time, right?
The BEST thing I've done for myself since this LONG deployment began is begin putting the kids in hourly care 2 times a week. It's free for 16 hours a month and a mere $2 an hour after that. I seriously can't afford NOT to do it right now. So I spend those precious hours running kid free errands and running miles alone. That's my idea of FUN these days. I have a 10K coming up next weekend.

Lincoln is crawling ALL over the place. He's great at getting into things and still prefers to be held, especially in those wonderful "witching" hours. He likes to eat, Oh, he likes to eat. He prefers to feed himself and has expanded his palette to include, peaches, sweet peas and cheerios that he can pick up himself. He is still always fascinated with his big brother.

Jackson is my never stop talking stress inducer and comic relief all in one. He can say some of the funniest things in his daily never ending conversations. Today, when I picked him up from hourly care we were counting to twenty. He stopped me and said, "No, mom, I want to count in German!" Really, I didn't even know we knew German. I told him I didn't know how and he said, "Ok, we can just do it in Spanish." Then he proceeded to count to ten in Spanish and told me his school teacher had taught him.
We are also growing a manakuppi which is an egg cup planter where the grass seeds grow as hair for the little porcelain snow man. I told Jackson we were growing the snow man some hair and he asked if we could grow daddy some hair! Followed by him asking why our daddy doesn't have any hair and saying daddies are supposed to have hair. Ok and finally, the disgusting little boy moment of the month.
As I was getting Jackson dressed recently, I caught him scratching his butt. I said "Jackson, stop scratching your butt, that's nasty!" In his sassy manner told me, "I'm just scratching the outside, not deep down in the hole, THAT's where it's NASTY!"

Jason is still flying a bit more than I'd like him to be for safety concerns and from his tone, it's not just casual sightseeing flights they are making. I prefer to play dumb to what's going on over there and he agrees to let me. He says he'll have stories to tell me once he's safe at home with us. He mentioned today that he looked into the traditional anniversary gifts for me which is next week. It's wool and copper. I'm interested to see what's going to come about with those options. My real present isn't scheduled to arrive until sometime mid-april. THAT will be the present I've been waiting a LONG time for.


  1. Tell Jackson we will teach him to count to 20 in German - it's one of the few things I remember from years of German School and high school German classes!

    There's some pretty sweet copper cookware out there! But the wool....I'm interested too!

  2. Jackson cracks me up!

    Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! ( If the Storm of the Century is a little less than forecasted!)

  3. Chase's been sticking her hands in her diaper to scratch her butt, and I'm really happy that she can't yet tell me where it is really nasty since I don't think I have it in me to keep a straight face.