Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breakfast with 16 of your closest friends!

What do you call 24 eggs, 12 pancakes, 8 slices of french toast, 6 biscuits, 3 lbs of sausage and 2 gallons of orange juice? That would be what takes to feed the Higerd party of 16 at Cracker Barrel for Saturday morning breakfast. That's right, Northridge Plantation took on Cracker Barrel this morning with 8 adults and 8 children. True bravery stood in placing all the children at ONE table ALONE! Everyone ate their fill and even escaped any major meltdowns thanks to a genius grandma (Thanks Mari's mom!)and a tube of play-doh. Now the floor and the poor waitress probably didn't fare so well but we hope she was well compensated with a tip.
Where are the pictures of this circus you ask...Seriously, who has time to make pictures while corralling 8 toddlers in a crowded restaurant?


  1. Thanks for the compliment. Being with my peer group (kids) made the outing a lot of fun. I wish Dennis and I were retired so we could spend more time on the East Coast. You Army wives have it almost/or perhaps harder than your brave husbands do. Wish we could be there more often to be more of a support group for Mari and all of the rest of you