Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Southern Style Snow Cream

This has been the worst winter the Northeast has ever encountered. Snow swells in areas like NYC and DC that have shut down the city for several days. Even the pentagon was closed one day last week. Although we've had some cold and miserable days, we've had nothing like that. Our little ice-in last month was bad enough to make me not wish for it here. On Saturday morning, we got an unexpected little blanket of the fluffy white stuff. It was the BEST kind of snow. A solid 3 inches on the ground. Big, Wet Fluffy stuff that never even stuck to the roadways. It made great snowballs and a cute snowman. It wasnt' really the sledding kind of snow and it was melted by the end of the day but it was fun to play in while it lasted. Oh, and it made for some tasty snowcream. Nana was smart enough to place my large bowl outside on the grill to catch the new falling snow. I had always just raked it off the top of the car. I don't mind eating a little car dirt. Apparently from my google search, snowcream is somewhat of a southern thing. Funny because snow is so rare for us from the south. I read in one place the reason it is a southern tradition is because the vanilla that is added used to have alcohol in it and the alcohol added would calm crazy kids who were a little over excited about the rare snowfall in our neck of the woods. Anyway, if you need the recipe to cook up some snowcream, here is one version:
Snow Cream

Large mixing bowl of fresh snow
1-2 c. Milk (any type is fine, but whole milk is best)
1-2 tsp. Vanilla Extract or other flavoring
1/2 - 1 c. Sugar

Take your large bowl of snow and stir the snow around a bit to fluff it up. Now quickly stir in just enough milk to make the right consistency of ice cream. Start with about 1/2 cup and keep going until you have enough to make the snow creamy. If you add too much milk and it becomes runny, just add some more snow. Then stir in a little vanilla and sugar, and Viola, you've got yourself some homemade snow ice cream!

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