Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i ♥ nana

First of all, I'm a proud user of google for everything my mind wonders. EVERYTHING! Sick? google, phone number? google, clingy baby? still looking on google! I found out how to make the cute "♥" symbol and of course I found it on google! If you need to know you type & hearts ; without the spaces!

So this year I have to admit, Nana was MY valentine. She flew in and rescued me in more ways than one. Thanks to her photo journaling, you'll have pictures to detail every event!

Beginning with the tale of the cast iron heart shaped pan. These cast iron muffin pans have been a part of my valentines day for as long as I can remember. They are my Granny's and she has always made me these cupcakes for valentines. As a child, I would help her with them and when I went off to college, they would show up in my mailbox or in my car on my way home from a February visit. Even as an adult living here in NC, I could count on the mail man delivering these confections to my door in early February. As of late, she acquired another pan totaling 3 and this year, I got my very own pan to keep. It's a smaller 9 heart pan and it's just perfect for making heart muffins or cupcakes. I had to get a short lesson in seasoning a cast iron skillet. This consist of soaking it in oil and heating it several times to make sure these adorable hearts come out perfectly. Jackson and I had consumed several batches of heart shaped muffins and we waited until Nana came to make the cupcakes. Wouldn't you know, in her luggage, she still came bearing Granny's cupcakes all the way from Alabama.
Jackson and Nana mixed up a lovely box of red velvet heart shaped cupcakes. Jackson loves to cook and likes to taste even more. He even iced them, tasting the icing after each smear! Mmmm everyone likes double dipped cupcakes!
From the photo, you may think we gave Lincoln a taste but not quite yet. Not that he wouldn't LOVE it, I'm just not ready for 2 sugar monsters to run free in this house yet.
We ♥ Nana
We ♥ Granny
and we ♥ "♥" shaped cupcakes.

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  1. I heart this post!

    And I'm so glad Linc did well through his surgery!