Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You remember ME, right?

Today Jackson had a short (as usual) conversation with his dad. It went something like this:

Jason: What are you doing, buddy?

Jackson: I'm playing with my race track. You don't remember it, do you?

Jason: No, buddy I don't remember it, I bet it is fun.

Jackson: But you remember Me, right Dad?

Jason: Yeah, buddy, I remember you, you're my best friend and I love you.

Jackson: Yeah, Yeah you Do!

Later today Jackson and I were finishing a project about letters. I gave him a disposable camera to make pictures of something that started with each letter of the alphabet. We were on "W". I said, "Jackson, what is something that starts with the letter "W"? while making the "W" sound. He thought for a minute and sounded out "w-w-WAR! War starts with the letter "W". I asked him how we make a picture of war and he said you just make a picture of Army men.

We don't know how these frequent deployments will effect children. I'm lucky to have young children who have been sheltered from the largest effects of the separation. Jackson was 18 months old when he left for 15 months and 3 when he left for these 12. I've found it much harder to raise on older child through a deployment than a baby who doesn't know the difference.
Jackson is fortunate to one have a FANTASTIC memory, he doesn't forget ANYTHING. He is also fortunate to have a father who knows how to make a big enough impact when he is home to make up for the majority of his life that he has been gone.


  1. My heart breaks for all of you hearing about this kind of conversation. Children are so resilient and it constantly amazes me how they always weather the chaos in their lives so brilliantly. As much credit as Jason gets for making sure his children always feel loved, you are the main reason why they are doing so remarkably well. I hope this deployment will be the last in a longgg time.

  2. Hmm, do I smell a potential future HOMESCHOOLING mommy? ;)