Saturday, February 6, 2010

When mama's sick...

When mama's sick...

-the laundry piles up HIGH!

-there are yogurt containers and fruit snack wrappers amuck.

-the kitchen becomes self service = junk food

-"rest time" becomes all the time

-there is an official movie marathon on TV

-the babysitter is called in to feed and diaper the infant

-the trash overflows, shamelessly

-there is a funny smell in the refrigerator (still unidentified)

-pajamas are appropriate for any outing

-rainboots are also approved

-coats are optional (for the mouthy toddler, not the baby)

-hourly care works are SAINTS

-tempers are short and days are long

that's when it would be REALLY nice to be a dual parent home.

I miss him at Christmas, I miss him on birthdays, anniversaries, and other sappy holidays but I miss him most....when mama's sick!


  1. I hear you on that one this week. I would like to know how you accomplish rest time though.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I'm glad there's a good reliable nearby babysitter for you to call on. Hope you are already on the mend!