Friday, May 7, 2010

Google It

On the way to my MOPS meeting on Wednesday, I was having a conversation about how different Jason and I were in the aspect of getting out the door in the morning. I prefer to have the kitchen spotless, including coffee made for the following day, beds made and laundry started. I also try to put up my cosmetics and hang my towel along with tidying the kids rooms/clothing.
Jason, well, as I was discussing on the phone, he takes the "Tazmanian Devil" approach.

As always, Jackson was listening to my conversation and when it was over, he asked me...

"Mom, what is the 'mania devil?"

"Oh, the Tazmanian Devil?"

"Yeah, the manian devil"

" Well, to be quite honest, Jackson, I don't know exactly what it really is"

Then, Jackson says to me...

"Well, Google It then"

Yep, my 4 year old has made it official, Google is now a verb. Definition by Jackson's dictionary.

Google-v. (def.) to look up on the computer.

1 comment:

  1. AH HA HA HA. I love Jackson.

    My kids tell me to google it too. Ronin has asked me to google "inja" ( ninja) names for him so he can go back to pretending to be one. I've had to google stuff for SECOND GRADE math homework. And I especially love when I can google something on my new iphone to settle an arguement... such as betting Raaen what year Ghostbusters came out in movie theaters. O Google, how I love you.

    PS. I hear ya on the Tasmanian Devil thing... I live with FOUR of them.