Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's the little things

Me: This week as I'm cleaning house and putting away laundry, I saw that Jason had brought his green uniform home and I hung it in the closet. You see, a new army "thing" is to have you #1. Fill out this awful blue book with all the "what to do IF..." you know all the lovely last wishes expressed. #2. Turn in your green uniform with all the appropriate medals and patches attached. That way they'll be ready for the "what IF...". Yeah, depressing. So, you can imagine the relief I felt to hang that uniform back in the closet...FOREVER! The little things.

Lincoln: He has taken a single half step towards us in a meek attempt at walking. I'm not rushing these things.

He is going to be TROUBLE! He likes to climb on chairs and stand up on them. He's not afraid. He highly dislikes the gym where I go to run on the treadmill. So, while I'm in there, he's in the childcare room crying. He really got my number recently when he decided to climb on the little chairs in the room. He figured out that he could climb up, and I'd come in and pull him down. After a few times, he systematically climed up on the chair, stood up and pointed his fat little finger at me right through the glass window where I was running. He was taunting me to come and get him.

This week for the first time, I walked into the kitchen and Lincoln pointed at me and said "Ma-Ma!" Yes, I was excited. He did it so deliberately. The little things.

Jackson: He finished his T-ball season this week. They recieved a trophy for playing. A trophy that WE pay for. Everyone gets one and no one could have been more excited about it than Jackson. He really thinks it is him on the top of the golden plastic stick. He comments on his hat and how his name is on front. Last night, he brought it to us from his room and told us that while he was asleep we could look at it and then before we went to bed, we should "sneak" it back into his room. Twelve times after he got up to check on it, Jason told him to go ahead and take it back to his room and go to bed. A trophy...the little things.

Jackson likes to talk about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He told us last week after church, that the Holy Sprit is the wind. I guess that's about as close as a 4 year old can comprehend.
He likes to tell us about what he knows about heaven. He talks about the golden road there and also says there are mudholes of every different color! But when Jason asked him other questions about what heaven looks like, he calmly said "Nobody really knows yet."
He was discussing the hierarchy of Jesus being in charge of us. He says I'm in charge of him, he's in charge of Lincoln and Jesus is in charge of all of us. He thought about it for a minute and said "Jesus must be 5." I guess any age older than him is just OLD.

We were in the car talking about different dinosaurs we know of and he said one of them weighed 100 pounds! Sadly, I confessed that I weighed MORE than 100 pounds and he said, "Wow, that's A LOT!"
I acted sad and said, "I thought I was a skinny mom."
He said, "You're not skinny,mom, but you're pretty and I love you."
The little things.

(a few more from Jackson, he's the talker in the family)
He was playing with a little people Noah's Ark set on his bed and the girl figurine fell between the bed and the wall and he said, "Oh, No! We lost Ms. Jesus!"

At sonic, we were ordering happy hour drinks and he told me he wanted Coke-a-lola. This is straight from my dad who calls soda Coke-a-cola, rather than just coke.

Discussing the alphabet before his daddy returned from Afghanistan I asked him what things start with letters.
The letter was H.
His answer H-h-h.....Hodgie!
The letter was W.
His answer W-w-w...WAR!
Yep, he's an army brat!

While making a tent with blankets in my bathroom recently, I finished making it including specifying where the "door" was. Then he asked me where the front porch was! Only my little Alabama boy would think even his tent needs a front porch.

Jackson got into a little trouble at his hourly care center for an incident with another little boy. He NEVER gets into trouble but I walked in and caught him in the middle of the argument. So, I made him call his daddy and tell him what happened. He said he would get a spanking when daddy got home from work. He cried while he told him. When they got off the phone, I asked him what daddy said. He said that he would spank him when he got home. Then he was still sniffling and said, "Will you go ahead and spank me when we get home? Cause you're spankings don't hurt and daddy's do."

Jason: He doesn't like me blogging about his little things. He finds it insulting! Ha.


  1. James asks me the same question when he is due a spanking from Shawn ;). Jackson is so sweet!!

  2. "Jesus must be 5." Love it!!! That boy is too funny!
    And tell Jason we blog to survive!!

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