Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's MY party! (well, the 1st of 3 anyway!)

Around here we like to celebrate birthday week. I hadn't planned on doing anything special for Lincoln's 1st birthday until we got to Alabama. Then I thought about Jackson, he'd be sad if we did nothing. He might not even believe me if there was no party. And then there are all of our friends that will be leaving this summer and I thought what better way to get to see some of them. So we decided, a simple sandwhich, cupcake and park party.
We chose all our friends favorite new park, Butner Park. It has a nice spongy bottom for "don't wanna walk yet" crawlers too. We had a great 2 hours of play and cupcakes. I think an entire box of baby wipes(remind me to blog about the infinite uses of baby wipes) was used during the party. Thanks to all our friends(Caroline & Annabelle, Gannon, Gavin, Landon, Reed & Jenna) for making this day special for Lincoln!

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